Convoy V3 C8 build question or issue... Should be real Convoy, from Mountain Electronics.

My new Convoy C8 version 3, fixed pill arrived today. I was test fitting the Noctigon with XM-L2 mounted in the light with the little centering disk in place. The lens is not getting tight when the bezel is screwed down tight. It is so close, but not quite there. What would be the best way to raise the emitter, I am not even sure that I could get brass shim stock under it since it is so close. I really did not want to glue the emitter in and that would be just to much glue for good thermal transfer… Does it rely on the o-ring to be thicker? The one that came with it is very thin!

Open to suggestions. BTW the light came from Richard, so I am sure it is a real Convoy.

Thanks Matt

Yeah…. gotta love the new version. Not.

I had to sand down the bezel to get the lens and reflector to tighten.

The lens that came with the host is 1.59mm thick with a diameter of 41.81mm. I had some cheap lenses that were 2.0mm thick, but only 41.60mm diameter. The extra thickness fixed the problem, but I would really like to find a 42mm X 2.0 or 2.1mm thick lens that was coated. I guess that I will have to go shop China and see what I can find.

I am kinda bummed about the whole thing, I really wanted to find one with a removable pill with out going to Ultrafire. I was looking forward to using a FET driver and a good copper pill with a fairly well over driven XM-L2. As it sits now, it has a QLITE with 8*7135’s and guppydrv flash onto it. I may see if I can find a reasonable source for a couple more 7135’s and stack them.


I have the same problem…kind of disappointing. The lens rattles if I shake it really hard. I am trying to find a thicker o-ring.

Try here for o-rings here for len’s UCLp are great! They have a glass lens too 41.8mm but 1.9mm thick?