convoy x3 vs. xintd x3?

Hi all

Is there a real difference or are the two flashlights basically the same thing?

I was searching online…. Looks like for the most part, there’s no one selling the convoy x3 currently?

Would both these lights be considered the best choice for an under $40 near 1000 lumen torch? They look pretty versatile considering they’ll run on three AAA, 18650 or 26650.

Besides my keychain itp a3 was running an efest imr 10440 , this would be my only other light (I know, famous last words. Lol!)


Convoy x3?? Never heard of it. You mean the S3?

Please check this

I guess I missed that.. I'm pretty sure they are the same..... Just a different name.

The X3 is a great light if you want to run AA or maybe 26650. If you want to run 18650 I think you’d find a C8 a better bet. The C8 being lighter, slimmer and less bulky.

That said the X3 feels a bit like a cut down Maglite (size wise), which is no bad thing.

I would recommend buying from here:

As you can choose tint and driver modes. Personally I would also suggest you opt for Neutral White, as it makes things look the proper colour and is much nicer to use than CW if you are in green countryside areas.

If you want to look at a C8, try here:

Thanks chicken :slight_smile:

I think I want the x3. Yeah, it’s a little big, but it so sexy looking :wink:

From my brief reading, it seems the latest convoy version might be more refined? Check the latest replies in the group buy thread above.

Anybody know if the group buy is still going on?


Good Day centaurus3200,

Have a look at:

convoy x3 on sale

Btw, Simon (the dealer) has a Very Good reputation in BLF.

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I have purchced lots off Simon :slight_smile:

Sweet! He listed it. I’ll buy one :slight_smile:


I like the fact that is has the LD-25 driver in it now,
they are 5$ alone, HKJ testet it: direct link doesn’t work because of spaces so search it here:

So it has no PWM in all modes wich is nice. Means also no driver whine.

Now the question is what brand of 26650. Simon said to get king kongs…

He was current a bit wishy washy on whether the newest x3 will take protected cells. He said max length is 69.5. Protected kk are 69.75. But other protected 26650s are shorter. But they are usually ultrafire, trustfire, etc.

What about efest 26650s ?

I suppose just go for the king kongs?

As long as I don’t over discharge them, they should be fine, right?

I mean it’s not like my nitecore i4 is gonna hurt a 4000+mah battery with 750ma max current, eh?