copper at intl-outdoor by the end of april

Looks like it gets picked up everywhere :

3,68$ for 2 pack
3,68/2= 1,84$ each



Who is going to buy one to test if they are telling the truth?

I hope they get enough that its not to difficult to keep in stock.

Wonder if they are as good as the sinkpads?

Dobt it I’d say its mixed with brass ?

3,85$ for a 2-pack. Who isnt going to buy a set to try out? :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Me too. Im guessing availability will be good enough. And people will probably delay larger orders until quality have been confirmed.
I dont have a light meter though, so would be nice to see a direct comparison. Sinkpad vs Noctagion.

Since you are located in the US, there is probably no reason to worry about the availability of cooper MCPCB in general, or shipping times.
-Nitro will soon get 16mm Sinkpads(XML-XPG)
-Vestureofblood have 20mm Sinkpads (XML-XPG)
-Illumination supply will probably get soon too. (Im guessing 16/20mm Sinkpads, XML and XPG)
-Intl-outdoor will get 16/20mm (XML and XPG)

I do have a feeling that Nitro and Vestureofblood will “get out of business” in the future due to the other stores, but time will tell.

One nice thing about I see about the Cooper pads from intl-outdoor. Completely flat on the underside. :slight_smile:

they are already raising the price?

whoops … I meant to say 3.68$
Too late here…
Its basically 1,85 a piece… Mixed the numbers…

Doesn't make a measurable difference. It's the path into the copper base, then the copper base's contact with whatever it's stuck to that does the work. It doesn't have to be a direct linear path for it to work, heat goes sideways just as easily.

And the DIY version of copper rivets thru a good thick aluminum board (don't waste time messing with the flimsy little 1mm ones) does well too, if you have more time than money (or just like doing things that aren't supposed to be done).

Just in case there is some confusion, these are not the same as a true sink pad. These do not have a direct contact to the base material. There is an insulation layer between the emitter base and the star base. My guess is these will perform better than an aluminum star but no where near as good as a true sink pad.
That divot in the bottom of a SinkPad is made by a press and it is how they raise the base metal up to the emitter.

it does say no thermal resistance dielectric layer under the neutral thermal path of the LED, so i do hope someone tests it

I just read that, yeah. Interesting. I will definitely be checking these out to see how it’s done.
Maybe a piece soldered on top to fill the gap? Possible.
Maybe they start out thick and are lapped down past the divot? Unlikely.

Oh, so it violates the laws of thermodynamics and physics… sweeeet!

in china anything is possible, just look at 1600 lumen lights that use 3 watts

Just about has to be a thicker than normal layer of solder on the top, nothing else makes sense for a mass produced part.

I wouldn’t be so sure of that. Not all manufacturers do things the same way.

The Cofan Super Pillar
For instance, is a direct-to-base technology, and they don’t use a press which means no divot.

The only way to know for sure is to buy a few and find out.


id think that would work better than sinkpads pressed in post. no matter how well that post is pressed in, there will be a gap… solid is always better than 2 pieces, right?

The post is not pressed in. They use a punch to extrude the “post” out of the copper disk. It’s one solid piece.