copper crazy!!

Seems like everyone is jumping on the copper mcpcb bandwagon.Lck led is offering copper board in 16 +20mm for XML.Really cheap too at $1.50 each and discounts for quantity purchases.I doubt they are on par with sinkpads but here's the link for anyone interested would be interested in seeing how they stack up against one another.

The LED mount itself doesn’t look like copper….

Thanks for the info anyways!

Copper is not a bandwagon. It’s the next logical step.

Agreed!6 months ago,maybe 2 vendors sold them,now everyone is selling them.

Just get SinkPADs or any other direct copper connection boards.

This is just the same old stuff only changed aluminum for copper, better yes, but not as good as it can be.

Or those notigon (sp?) boards from intl.

I’m liking those better than the LCK offerings and they have copper MTG2 boards.Too bad sinkpads are a custom order for MTG2 copper boards,my sample was aluminum and the notigon boards seem like a good option.