Copper EDC light

Hello, first post here. I I'm looking for a good EDC light and I really like copper. I tried searching the forum, be most of what I found was no longer available. The S2+ in copper looks nice, but I'm worried it might have more girth than I want. Is there anything slightly smaller that still has decent output, or am I wrong about the size of the S2+? Thought I read somewhere that it was pretty much 1 inch in diameter.

Acebeam TK16 or TK18, Lumintop FW3C, errr I’m sure there’s more but that’s all I’ve got at the moment.

Oweban beat me to it :slight_smile:

18650 compatible - FW3C

16340 compatible - acebeam tk16 , klarus mi1c

Reylight Copper AA Pineapple.

Olight i3t copper if u can find it is a great edc light.

Im more than sure that 18650 copper light is not somethink you will happy to carry every day.
AA/14500 size will be more suitable.

Olight S1R Baton II Cu

Thanks for the replies. Does anybody know the bezel diameter of the Reylight? Looks like it flares out quiye a bit from the body diameter.

14.4mm on mine.

Thanks. I'm guessing you have the AAA version though. I guess I should have been more specific. I was wondering about the AA version Todd linked to.

Size comparison Olight Cu S1R II, Reylight Lan, Convoy Cu
Lan is 20mm

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the link Todd gave says
Dimensions: 3.8 x 0.8 in (9.8 x 2.1 cm)
Weight: 3.3 oz (93 g) without battery

you will want to make a decision about what size battery you want to use… everything else flows from there

for me, AAA in copper is the heaviest I would go
Im a fan of the Copper Tool AAA w eSwitch from massdrop

I tried a copper Olight S Mini (16340) and felt the weight was unrealistic for my EDC

no experience with the Reylight AA, I hear its pretty big… the specs show its really heavy (to me)

good luck with your shopping choices

be warned, nobody here buys just one light and stops there

you will probably want to try several different models to figure out your personal preferences
good luck with your wallet! lol

Not sure what you budget or output requirements are but Peak makes a very well built AAA light. You can choose leds optics and they will use a lithium ion battery if you want extra punch.
The Peak Eiger Copper:

Thanks for the specs. Not sure how I missed that when specifically looking for it. Trying to figure out what is a good balance for me between a resonable size and good battery life/output while not emptying my wallet may prove to be impossible. I'm a bigger guy and i always wear a belt, so maybe I can get away with the size and weight of the S2+. And being one of the cheaper copper lights, if it didn't work for EDC for me, I would still have a good light and could look for a smaller EDC? just kinda thinking out loud.

Frank, Jon is pointing you in the right direction if you looking for super lightweight stuff. Even the smallest of lights that I would carry are still too big and heavy for Jon. He knows what he likes and won’t sacrifice, which he shouldn’t. Too many choices in flashlights to deal with stuff you don’t use or want.

Here is a pic of the Reylight Copper AA Pineapple next to a Convoy S2+. My Reylight is starting to get some character to it. If you get a copper light and want to keep it shiny. Don’t buy any horny goat weed polishes or anything. A little ketchup on a rag shines her right up. Damp rag will take the ketchup smell and residue off of it right quick.

BTW, I really wish DQG would make a run of Copper Tiny 18650’s.

That’s the main reason why I haven’t bought a DQG.

I have a few of them. Great lights. I have never had a problem with them. I ordered my last one straight from George. They were out of stock everywhere I looked. I know he has some black Al NW ones and, he has a few of the grey ones. Or whatever color it is. Seems to change color whenever it wants.

Oh yeah. Olight S1A baton is a great 14500/AA light. I believe they don’t make them anymore but they pop up on Ebay once in a while.

true, though I often say no, before I change my mind

atm, no, I would not carry a 3/4 pound copper 18650 light, but Im a slender guy that wears no duty belt

for others, this might be awesome!:

here is another popular copper 18350 light

it weighs 1/2 as much as the one in the video


both those lights use the same electronic ramping UI, Anduril… it has tons of great features and will keep anyone entertained for days, playing with the options… :slight_smile:

things like this


regarding ketchup, it definitely cleans copper, but it also pits it, and the result is not as shiny as polishing.
I like to use Sunshine cloth when I want to remove patina


I recall being worried about the smell of copper, then I learned copper kills germs and decided the smell was not a bad thing…

some info and links about copper’s antibacterial properties (fancy word of the day… Olygodynamic)

After I learned that the USA settlers traveling West in covered wagons, used silver and copper coins in their water barrels, to prevent algae, I started keeping a USA Silver Walking Liberty 50cent piece in a clear Nalgene bottle filled with water.

The Nalgene bottle with silver coin, has been sitting in my Van, parked in full sun, for over 6months, and has not developed any algae, nor funky smell.

The US Silver coins are 90% silver, 10% copper. Both are antibacterial and not harmful to humans.

Originally Posted by jon_slider View Post
“many copper alloys can legally claim a 99.9% kill of MRSA within two hours”
In India it was traditional for people to collect and store drinking water from rivers and streams, in Copper pots. When they switched to plastic water jugs, cases of infant dysentery and death went up. A study was done that added coils of copper wire to the plastic water jugs, and the dysentery rate, and infant mortality fell.

Boiling water also kills bacteria, but in poor third world countries, the fuel used for cooking, often charcoal, is very expensive, so drinking water tends not to get boiled first.

“It’s long been recognized that storing water in a copper or silver vessel makes it safer to drink. The Smith Papyrus, an ancient Egyptian medical text, mentions using copper to disinfect drinking water. Alexander the Great brought along silver containers for storing water during his efforts to conquer the world. Old Ayurvedic medical texts advise keeping water in copper or silver pots. The Aztecs, ancient Greeks, and Romans were also into this disinfection approach. American pioneers making their way west during the late 19th century dropped copper or silver coins in their water barrels to slow the growth of microbes during their travels. During WWII, Japanese soldiers did something similar, placing copper pieces in their water bottles to try and avoid dysentery.”