Copper Lumintop Worm issue...


Congrats on your new Twisty

You may also be getting a quick flash of light when it stops turning on. Here is my interpretation of what is going wrong, and how to learn to not make it happen.

I have a worm too btw, but this is true for other lights as well.

When a light is new it can have a pretty tight Oring, so it is difficult to turn one one handed. Lubrication can help, as can some breakin time. When the O ring is tight, and we twist the light to turn on, sometimes we exert other pressures at the same time, that cause play in the threads to turn the light to another mode than intended. This also happens from pushing the head towards the body when twisting.


  1. Try to be stable in the 2 hand twist so there is not as much chance for thread play to trigger the light.

2. Try removing the battery, and breaking the light in with twisting cycles. Get a feel for how the light feels at the end of its tightening cycle, there is a sort of sensory “click” when the switch triggers. This can become smoother over time, you will get a feel for it.

3. Be sure to turn the light off enough to let the switch reset so the next twist gives a clear input on change of state.

4. Consider using the light with no Oring, carefully and away from dirt and water, for a while. You will learn what the threads, and battery contact feels like without the drag of the Oring.

5. Any time one of my lights becomes inconsistent in mode cycling, the first thing I do is wipe off the end of the battery tube, so there is not too much lube getting pushed down into the switching board.
My New Worm is so tight I cant even operate it one handed with the O ring installed.

6. Thread lubricant tends to get stuck when first turning the light on after its been sitting, try UNscrewing a quarter twist, before twisting tighter to turn the light on.