Copper Maratac with No PWM, High CRI N219, and LMH modes

My grail has arrived.

If you have ever wished for a Copper Maratac with L-M-H mode sequence, No PWM, and N219 High CRI led, it can now be had by Lego to a Copper Lumintop ReyLight Tool. The Standard Copper Tool with MLH modes also works.

There are some limitations. The Lego only works both ways on the very latest revision of Maratac with the ring around the LED. Same is true for the Lumintop Tool, it has to have the ring around the LED, to be a direct Lego swap.

Have you ever wanted a Maratac clickie, now you can, just swap heads with a Tool.

fwiw, the latest No PWM N219 Worm head also works on the Maratac, but not vice versa, the Maratac head wont light up on the Wrom body… yes, mine says Wrom, not Worm :slight_smile:

there is one slight consideration, the knurling on the Maratac

is slightly different than on the Tool

but not enough to bother me. ymmv

Happy New Year!

All that copper wonderfulness! This is a cool thread for those that have these lights… Thanks!

Arrives today. Cool. I m also going to Lego with my copper Maratac and polished SS one. All is well.

let us know how it works out :slight_smile:
Will be curious to also know if your Maratacs have the ring around the LED. I hope you post pictures :slight_smile:

Knurly differences
PWM Maratac, NoPWM Maratac, NoPWM ReyLight Tool


Looks like the same knerling tool showing progressive wear.

Lol!~ creative thinker, I see what you mean :slight_smile:
In reality the oldest is on the left, and its not wear, its Lumintop simplifying their knurling pattern.
Left to Right
April 2015 Maratac Rev3, October 2015 Maratac also Rev3 but NoPWM (nicknamed Rev3.5), December 2015 ReyLight Tool:

The knurling in the middle and on the right, are on NoPWM lights
The earlier circuit with PWM is in lights with the knurling on the left, the one with the little holes in each diamond.