Copper pill for SK98 flashlights

Pictures of a genuine UltraFire SK98 flashlight pill modified with two ∅11.1×1mm stacked copper discs hot air gun soldered over a ∅18×1mm copper disc and thermal glued to the pill shelf. Copper discs cut with a mill bit equipped dremel tool and filed. Ends up being a lot of precise work. First two pictures before adding back soldered ∅18×1mm copper disc to the inner gape filling one:

I modified my SK98 with a CRI90+ 4000K UF440G XHP50A. Still in the works as emitter got slightly damaged from dedoming and driver needs a little repair. A friend of mine exclaimed “@#$%, Windows!” when I showed him this picture:

SK98s take 20mm drivers, can use H1-A boost unit. If enough of you in the mood, maybe kiriba-ru could be interested in making a small batch of copper pills for these flashlights.


11/25/2018 - 08:39


Bumping this a little bit. C'mon fellows, the SK98 is a very popular 18650 zoomie torch, small enough and no big headed (pretty low in pocket pester rating in my honest opinion). For certain purposes like close up work beats a reflector based flashlight like an S2+ hands down.

Problem with SK98s is playing the pill lottery and getting a minor prize at best.

Cheers :-)

If welded to flood-only, I’d love a ’98, which I EDCed for a while, Way Back When. Hate the beams when zoomed, though.

For those who like zoomies, though, sounds like a great idea.

Couldn’t agree more.

My son still plays with his 98 but the LB is all he needs.

Seriously, why such hate for flood to spot flashlights? I think this has more to do with budget zoomies' low general quality than anything else. I like them, a lot. Sure, other optics can be way more efficient in pulling out close to all of the emitter's output, but to me usefulness matters and here aspheric beam uniformity is to be praised.

Welded to flood only LoL! If you don't like to zoom just don't do it. If you put some grease around the head's o-ring you will notice it takes even more effort to elongate the head, makes a sort of vacuum so it is best to rotate the stuff while zooming. :THUMBS-UP:

Cheers ^:)

The above one is the latest beamshot with razor blade dedomed but not sanded down emitter, below is the old. Driving current increased ≈7.576% in the above shot. For comparison purposes.

Cheers :-)

Aspherics on flood give the best even uniform blanket of light out there, short of a mule.

Zoomed, I don’t like The Bat Signal projecting an image of the LED, and worse, the ~70% loss in lumens (ie, barely 30% is projected).

I don’t want to bust ass to get 1000lm out of the LED, only to project barely 300lm at the target. I’d rather have a light with a tightly focused beam putting at least 800lm at the target, with maybe 200lm spill.

All the time I carried my ’98, I can’t think of very many times I actually “needed” it zoomed. Maybe to stare at the pretty pitcher of the chip on the wall for curiosity, but that’s it.

If there were such a thing as a 1° TIR lens, I’d be allllll over it.

Having been pleased with these wide neck 30° TIR lenses (@ FastTech) mounted in S2+ class hosts I bought a bunch of smaller neck 5° TIR lenses from AliExpress (cheap 30 pieces :-D price after all). Liked them not, they didn't seemed to extract and set on target the amount of light they were meant to, something which seems quite logical with such lens' shape. An aspheric would probably do better. Guess I bought a bunch of crappy lenses hoping they would be as nice as the FastTech ones. Another slip-up to learn from.

Cheers ^:)

Nice mod. The XHP50A looks good. The linked 17mm host is a good deal. :+1:

I would buy several SK98 with a three mode driver, solid pill, and a NW or WW emitter. An XLM2 would be ok if it kept the cost down. I imagine one could be sold for around $10 for a decent profit.