Copper rings for contact boards: Copper oil drain plug gaskets.

This is something I first had the idea to do on my SmallSun T08. Doorman make copper oil drain plug gaskets, among them, copper washers. In stores, you’re likely only to find the smaller sizes suitable for 2P operation, but I work at Oreilly’s and rifled through the catalog during some downtime and found a part number, DOR 65276, that works well as a contact ring for 4P lights like the SRK. Likely you will have to have them order it, but it should be a warehouse item. $3 for two rings, seems like a good deal to me. They’re very thin, much thinner and more cost effective than what you’ll find in a hardware store.

Nice find.

Very Nice! Now that's using the old noggin. Much appreciated.

There are lots of sources for Copper rings in different sizes. Just a google search will help, but I don't think it would have found that one.

Lowest price I found with shipping is $3.99 on eBay. Is there a lower-priced source with shipping included?

In the OP - Two for $3 if you have an O’reily’s around, plus tax I’m sure.

Copper Drain Plug Gasket, Fits 7/8, M22

Application Summary: Jeep 1973-62, Subaru 1971

Application Attributes:
Package Quantity: 2
Brand: Dorman - AutoGrade - Oil-Tite!
Packaging Type: Card
Inside Diameter (in): 0.878
Outside Diameter (In): 1.056
Gasket Material: Copper
Package Contents: 2 Copper Gaskets

DORMAN 65276 Google Search.

Amazon has them and a bunch of others.

amazon also has these which would make a good spacer to use a 16mm mcpcb in a 20mm pill. These are 16.2mm inside diameter and 19.9mm outside diameter

Thanks, going to try and find one for 3P lights like the Warrior.

Wow, I was expecting a bunch of “Yeah, been doing this for awhile” posts. You mean I…I actually…contributed? :smiley:

Yeah have some on order since a few days for that exact purpose. Been thinking about that some time but too lazy to take mesurements.
The usual sealings are working well as adapters too. 17x22 or 17x24 (inner diameter x outer [mm]) are pretty usefull.

Been using copper washers in lights for awhile, but not like that. That’s a good new use for them, thanks for sharing.

Yup, you’re helping! :bigsmile: