Copper S2+ limited edition

I paid under $14 for 4

My messages back and forth with Simon on AE said that the pill was brass by default but (at the time) copper was available. I wanted to make mine a triple, so I ordered one of Hoop’s “big RET” copper pills (search the forum for “big ret” and “hoop”). This thing is going to be heavy, and I am ok with that.

The copper S2+’s are hefty. I have one modded with a copper single emitter kiriba-ru pill, with a non-protected 18650, it’s 230g. With a copper triple pill (not just a spacer) it’s 245g

So the copper host have brass pill?
Much better an Alu host with copper pill.
Could you send me Pm where find these “Big Ret”copper pill for triple and single Led?

They come with the standard S2+ brass pill.

Simon recently made a copper S2+ pill available for sale, it is not included with the copper S2+’s

The “Big Ret” copper pills were made by a forum member, Hoop, but they weren’t easy to make and he’s said he’s not making any more. I believe he may have some triple pills left but none of the single pills.

Kiriba-ru also makes copper pills available, both for triples and singles, and as far as I know, he’s currently the best source of copper pills for S2+’s

The thread where you can find the pills made by Hoop is here: FS: Copper "BIG RET" S2+ triple heatsinks [Closed]

Since you are in the EU, it might be cheaper to get one from kiriba-ru (I believe he is in Russia). Hoop’s pills are impressive, but I’ve heard nice things about kiriba-ru’s as well.

EDIT: Misspelled kiriba-ru’s name (sorry)

My 2nd batch S2+ light has the standard brass pill and a BLF A6 driver. It weighs 176g with no battery and 216g with a 30Q.

Nice photo
compared this copper S2+ with a classic alu s2+, same cfg pill driver and led .
There is a big advantage about heat dissipation to the external?

The spreading of heat should be very significantly better, the dissipation of the heat to air did not change (same surface area). This means that the should run cooler for longer but the sustainable output level should not change dramatically , but still a little because the better heat spreading effectively makes more of the outer surface available for dissipation.

Really interest and thanks for these info
But there is still good advantage of heat dissipation on copper s2+ with brass pill vs Alu s2+ with copper pill?

My S2+ with no cell and no lanyard, Hoop copper pill triple, weighs 198.9 grams.

Just received my 18350 tubes. Unfortunately, the thread pitch on them is completely different to be usable.

Does this mean they won’t work with Version 1 or 2 copper


I have version 1, which is not matching up, so can’t speak for V2.

Oh, V1 was different than V2...

Can anyone confirm Cu V2 match Cu V1?

I’m curious the V1 appears to match a S2+ exactly —- the V2 appears to have a original S2 head — I know the treads are slightly different between the two— I have a V1 and a whole bunch of different s2+/ S2/ S6 aluminum around —when mine gets here I’ll check it out —might get here by Thanksgiving — I ordered 2 weeks ago + and it’s still floating around China

I see the smooth copper S2+ is back in stock:

looks like several copper pills left to —— I wonder if they’ll thread into other versions since the short tube seems to be different

Just got my copper pills today, they do not thread in to my copper light. Thread pitch is wrong and it binds up.