copper springs

has anyone ordered any if so how do they work for your mods ? i ordered a few will see when they get here might have to cut to size

copper springs

In China it seems every alloy containing copper is called only copper. I presume that is phosphor bronze spring since it's got that bronze look.

that’s what i was thinking but heck it was only a $1.50

This spring is about the same size and comes in a pack of (10). Also gold plated CN

There's also (mtnelectronics). He tells you the thickness... WT = wire thickness. try the thicker 0.9mm.

Let me do a search for the Beryllium springs I heard about - DBCstm post ...might be able to get some from someone.

Some serious modders add a solder wick to the spring. Most of the current will take the path of least resistance.

Is that $1.50 per spring?!

There is an attempted group buy going for BeCu silver coated springs. They'll come in at 50c each if we can get enough people interested. Same dimensions as the spring listed in the OP.