CORKILUX 21700 EDC LED Flashlight

This looks like an awesome flashlight for the price. Is it good quality, or one that will break after a short time of use? Has it been reviewed?

I grabbed it to compare against the Sofirn IF23, and I was thinking about writing some detailed impressions of it! It does offer a lot of value for the money, but it has quite a few (potentially deal-breaking) quirks:

  • Always starts on high, no shortcuts that users here may hope for
  • Strobe is a mandatory part of the mode rotation - though if you leave the light on long enough, then short click will turn off the light instead of advancing the mode
  • The waterproofing is minimal - water easily seeps in around the edges of the floodlight
  • The floodlight is horribly green, potentially due to the material of the diffuser

I haven’t gotten around to evaluating the battery yet, but it is nice they include one at this price (even if the quality is suspect).

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On the side of the flashlight, it says Warsun.
If I remember correctly, Warsun makes some nice flashlights, though I don’t think I have any. :+1:

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