Correcton: Costco's $4 off on Eneloop AA's & AAA's paks ends this Sunday..........

That’s the 10-pak AA’s, and the 12-pak AAA’s, for $15.99/pak. These are the 1,500 charge-cycle batts which include respectively plastic 4 & 5 cell cases.

A deal.

And one that doesn’t come around too often.

I’d take advantage of it if it were me.

Which I most certainly did. :wink:

Yep got 20 AAs myself.

Thanks for the heads up!

So ya still got time to buy your first or more Eneloops at a deal. 8)

thanks for the head up.. i got 20 AAs but no AAA.. can't find any :(

was out of those too. Turns out they had an “*” in their price placard about 2 weeks ago. That means ‘to be discontinued’. Had to go to another Costco which fortunately had some. I think we’re prolly only gonna see AA’s there from now on maybe.

Maybe they’ll start carrying the newer 1800 cycle versions?

I always stop by the battery section when I’m at Costco and each time a significant chunk is taken out of the eneloops since the discounted price.

Yep, just picked up some AAs myself. Do you folks “date” your batteries too? I do. My old 500 cycle Eneloops from May 2009 still perform well. Now if I could just pull the trigger on that Coast HP550 at Costco. I like the light, features, and specs. Just not crazy about a 9 celled carrier. Sigh…

Or 6 x AA’s too. :open_mouth: H)

I was at my Costco today and saw the dreaded “*” on the AA Eneloop price placard. Same for the Eneloop chargers. There were no AAA’s to be seen anywhere. About a week ago I was at another Costco and there were no Eneloops at all. I certainly hope that the newer versions will be on offer as a replacement.

After all, shopping at Costco is more fun than a barrel of monkeys. If they lose the Eneloops, the fun quotient will take a serious blow! Do you hear me, Costco?

Maybe they'll have the XX's. I haven't seen those there yet. It'd be nice if they could put a big dent in the normal price of those.

Well, it turns out they brought back the original charger/battery combo. I can’t remember if it originally came with 2 or 4xAAA, but this current offering includes 8xAA and 2xAAA. It’s priced at $24.

I hope they aren’t planning on only carrying this product for eneloop batteries. The charger is still being sold individually and I didn’t see a * on the placard.

Last two Holiday seasons (2010 & 2011) the deal locally in Chicago was 8 AA + 4 AAA + charger for ~ $20 and I always snapped them up. This year's deal of 10 AA for +$20 and charger separate for $5 was bad enough for me to completely skip over. Based on the number of unsold units I saw after the first of the year, other consumers agreed with that assessment. I wish this new combo had more AAA in it, but I'll probably pick one up anyway if it's in the Chicago Costcos. Thanks for the heads up, weiser.

Yeah the best deal for 2012 was $16 for 10xAA or 12xAAA. I think they ran that sale a couple times.

Like you, I picked up a couple of the combo packs with the charger when it was $20. I sold the chargers for $12 each on craigslist so I netted 16xAA and 8xAAA for $16.

At this point I won’t be buying any more battery/charger combo sets unless it’s greatly discounted.

at my local Costco they were completely out of AAAs and only had a few boxes of AAs left for $21. The sign had an “*” on it. I hope they are restocking with the new eneloops.