COSMO Tactical Flashlight Review

Many a home defense and patrol rifle have been fitted with lights, and they are very common in other tactical applications.

Due to its role as a self defense and tactical weapon, there has been a constant demand for tactical torches to mount on a rifle or carbine.

COSMO” tactical torch”: LED Pocket Clip Flashlight B62 is one of the best tactical torch if you are on a budget.

With a remote pressure switch, rail mounting hardware, and capability to quickly be switched to a standalone flashlight.

Product Features of the B62 Tactical Flashlight

:diamonds: CREE XP- L HI V3 LED, life time: 50000 hours

:diamonds: 18650 Li-ion battery easy to have

:diamonds: 128mm length ×23.5mm tube diameter × 25.4mm head diameter (5.04×0.93×1 in.)

:diamonds: 80 grams (2.82oz.) excluding battery and charging cable

:diamonds: IPX8 water proof, max 2meter under water

:diamonds: Body switch on/off life up to 10000 times cycle

:diamonds: Safety & High efficiency circuit design, Gold plating spring never rust.

:diamonds: Aircraft aluminum body resistant,Type ll anodizing finish to protect surface.

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could you please post pictures / details re: pressure switch? thanks.

Dear, tactical flashlight with remote pressure switch, rail mounting hardware for patrol rifle we provide could be customized.

Below is one of remote switch for riding flashlight we supplied.

Could you provide more details about the rifle you need?

1.Tactical Flashlight Introduction

A tactical flashlight, also known as a tactical light, is simply a flashlight for tactical tasks. Tactical flashlights are mainly used by military and law enforcement personnel. Therefore, its performance, such as high and performance, sealing performance, corrosion resistance, durability, illumination, color temperature, etc., much higher than ordinary flashlights.

2.What is the feature for the tactical flashing ligh

1.The flashlight spot must is kind of circular regular, must be very uniform, not dark and bright spots, have a relatively smooth transition zone between the central spot and the surrounding light, gradually reduce the brightness, and the center of the beam spot of a cone shape, have a certain divergence angle, generally in 15 degrees, as the use of different tactical flashlight.

The reflective bowl used for tactical flashlights is usually designed with a wrinkled reflector bowl, and the reflecting surface is like an orange peel to ensure the spot has the above characteristics.

2.The spotlight of a tactical flashlight must also be resistant to high heat.

USB Rechargeable Flashlight G70

The USB Rechargeable Flashlight G70;Fashional patent compact design body; Using CREE XP-G2 R5 LED, and 18650 lithium battery. only 6.34 inches in length, G70 delivers max 250-lumen output. Beautiful patent appearance design with compact size, and mode:high-low-flashing-SOS. Pedestrian lighting, camping, hunting and so on.

Product Features:

:diamonds: CREE XP-G2 R5 LED, life time: 50000 hours

:diamonds: 18650 lithium battery easy to have

:diamonds: 161mm length ×21mm tube diameter × 34mm head diameter (6.34×0.83×1.34 in.)

:diamonds: 123 grams (4.34oz.) excluding battery and charging cable

:diamonds: IPX4 raining resistant

:diamonds: Tail switch on/off life up to 10000 times cycle

:diamonds: Safety & High efficiency circuit design, Gold plating spring never rust, high efficiency reflector, high-end hot releasing system

:diamonds: Aircraft aluminum body, military type3 hard anodizing finish to avoid easy to scratch