Couple of question about FandyFire Warrior

Received the fandyfire Warrior from Wallbuys, really like it but I have a couple of questions:
Does it have a removable tail cap? …and so how to remove it, looks like they welded that damn thing.
I want to hack the springs.

Do the light automatically step down from high? I left mine on to test some batteries and it looks that it stepped down after some minutes, not sure if there is a timer or something doing that. Can anyone confirm.
Got mine to replace a SRK, but I think I will keep the SRK that can get pretty hot, but do not have the step down thing.

I am pretty sure the SL3 have a step down from high. The thing is… either I have not paid enough attention, but I have not seen this mentioned from the previous reviews of SL3 and Warrior. Perhaps everyone knows this but I didn’t so blehhh.

The BTU Shocker does the step from turbo too. turbo to high but this I saw it mentioned before.

Have not noticed any step down on mine. How long is the light on before the step down?

I have the FandyFire Warrior YL-U2 from DealExtreme

Just tested with mine , had it running for 15 minutes on full without any step down.

Only thing I noticed was after 15mins stationary inside at room temp stood on a desk on its tail cap ,it does get very warm and the battery gauge drops down a notch.

How long before yours steps down?

What is the output of the Warrior compared to SRK? And which one throws better?

I will have to test it with fresh batteries this evening if I get the step down.
The warrior seems to be throwing better than the SRK and the SL3

Great! I might get one if the UI is workable. Is it a “hold down” light, or click activation?

There are two buttons the right smaller one is a quick on/off , press and hold for instant on
The left larger you press and hold to turn on (approx 1 sec) it goes into low mode first every time, the smaller right button is then a variable dimmer ranging from I’m guessing 10% to 80% output
The first low mode is memory it comes on at the same level you set it to with the dimmer

To go to full just press the left button a second time a third press puts it into SOS mode after that it just cycles between modes, to turn off press and hold left button for 1 second again.

The light does seem to have quite a good throw only thing to compare I have is the Costco 500 lumen zoomeys which have a good throw as a tight square the Warrior will throw the same distance but light up a much bigger area.

i have not found a step-down in the warrior i have recently recieved.

Throws better than a SRK but less flood, this is my favorite light of the last year. Got two more since the picture. Everyone should own this light.

I dedomed the one i recieved 20 munites after i got home from picking it up at the post office.
Now it has a more neutral tint and better throw. Great light and user interface, and very well built. ( especially with the momentary-on mode.

There is no other light out there for $33 that packs as much power in such a small package.

Also it won’t take flat top batteries well. I had to add blob of solder on the batteries. Actually I don’t know why I want to mod the spring coz it gets hot already just like that, hacking the spring will only give it more current, thereby it will get hot even faster.
Also the variable mode get only to like 75% of the high.

Wow what do you need 6 identical warrior for? dedome some, mod some, gift some?

I was thinking its always good to have a spare ! … or two, or three…

I have always assumed that it steps down because of thermal protection in the driver. This after it warms up for about 10 minutes.
And my Warrior is also my favorite light, and I have almost all the popular lights. I am not saying that it is the best light for any particular use, just my favorite.

Remember the SRK, you order one now and you never know what you will get. If you buy early before all the clones come out you know what you are getting. The warrior has excellent output and machining now, so why wait til later when it will be a lottery. Have given away and sold some and will probably keep about four.

Tsetse, it should get to 100% in the variable mode.

Warrior is really the best light out there I think for the price range. SO much better than SRK in hand feel, throw, weight, output, wide variety of light levels/modes, ability to “flash” (instant on/off/Morse code), lanyard, heat distribution and looks. SRK wins at more wide flood, slightly longer run time, and used to win on stainless steel bezel, but most aren’t stainless steel anymore.

I have not noticed any stepdown, but I have an XML2 version. Its also the only light I have that I seem to constantly have people come up to me and ask where did I get that light in addition to saying something like “thats bright”, which they tend to do without asking where to get it with my others, great gift light. :slight_smile:

No step down and I never could get the tail cap off.

I did a de-doming and a resistor mod. It increased the lumens by a ton and more than doubled the throw, close to triple the throw actually.

I sold it a while back but I did really like it. I would have liked it better if the ramping went a lot lower. It should have gone to moonlight.

Where did you get a XML2 version of the FandyFire?

Mine is a XML U2 version might get another if I can get XML2, is it noticeably brighter?

Was it easy to mod the Warrior? Did you take any piccys along the way of the mods?

True. That's what makes the Supfire M6 a great choice. It's still too early for clones, it manages heat better than the SRK, and the single e-button format lends itself to easier modding with the drivers being developed by some of our members.