Couple of question about FandyFire Warrior

How long do you have to keep the button down to activate/deactivate? How bad is PWM?

I guess my only gripe would be not being able to get it to come on in high every time.

I have the Supfire M6 also, I personally prefer the Warrior. The Warrior is small and light and feels good in the hand compared to the M6 and I prefer the user interface on the Warrior.

I'd prefer the Warrior if I knew that texaspyro's or DrJones's drivers would work with the dual button interface.

You can set the “low” mode on its variable to it’s brightest output and it will remember that everytime you switch on, it’s not full high on mine but I’d guess its around 80-90% of high.

Sorry I didn’t take any pics. I wouldn’t call it an easy mod. You have to locate the correct resistors to either bypass or stack new ones on top of. I can’t remember how hard it was getting the driver out but I don’t think it just popped out. I seem to remember keeping my fingers crossed a bit while I did the mod.

So not a good idea for a first mod then? I’m great at getting things apart they just don’t always work (or stay in one piece) after I re-assemble them, brute force and ignorance aren’t always good for fine work hehe

Not a good one for a first mod for sure. Although brute force works well with some lights.