Coupon for Xmas String Light: Vote or Share Your Favorite(s) "Budget Buy" for the Holidays to Get Free Gift(s)

Gday guys, Halloween :ghost: and Christmas :santa: are coming soon! :party:

What’s your plan to adorn your buys and girls, your house, your party and your xmas tree to celebrate your holidays? What kinda lights has been your holiday gifts list? Please kindly show your enthusiasm to post your favorite “Budget Buy” for the Holidays :wink:

I choose some funny items here for your voting, but you can also share your “most want” products in the comment, it’s no limit to post(you can repeat post if you remind some great items), then I will pick up several of the most popular items to set a very low discount price as deals, and each deal will have 3 winners(by random, post# is the lucky#) to get the free gifts(deals products), if you would be the winner but ordered before the end of giveaways, I will refund you by the corresponding coupons :bigsmile:

update 10.14
Would you like to pick up this String Light as your Xmas decoration?

There are EU plug and US plug
price: $5.99
coupon: GBXMAS

update 10.13
Ok, let’s see who are the 3 winners for the Ultraman mask:bigsmile:

1. Aardvark

2. dodo

3. viperbart

Congratulations! Please reply my pm asap, let’s try to ship out to your hand before Halloween :ghost:

Thanks the other members’s support and participation, we will go to next deal later, maybe you are the next winner :crown:

update 10.08
Well, seems that number 7: UltraFire AT-008 Cree XPG R5 is the most favorite :crown:, but coupon for this light will be public later, because I’m waiting the review of it from kronological, I think you are looking forward to this review too, right?

Coupon today is for number one: Luminous Ultraman Mask with Funny Sound Halloween Decoration PVC Mask,
Price: $3.29
coupon: Ultraman

If any one order this mask(I recommend that it’s better to pay more $1.99 with the tracking#, not sure the flat rate shipping will deliver the mask before Halloween :ghost:), please kindly post here, and your post# is your lucky#, repeat posts, more possible to be the winner :wink:
#1. Luminous Ultraman Mask with Funny Sound Halloween Decoration PVC Mask, it’s been picked up from Halloween category(many Halloween will be on stock soon), I think your boys will have a crash on it :smiley:

How about this xmas LED decorations May be it’s the time for BLF wives :crown:

#2. 5M 300-SMD 3528 LED DC12V Warm White Flexible LED Strip Light

#3. 20LED 4M RGB Popsicle-shaped String Light for Christmas Decoration - 220V

#4. 9M 20-LED Colorful Fairy Christmas Balloon Shape Solar String Light Lamp for Decor

Would you like to give some small flashlights gifts to your families and friends, what’s your choice?

#5. SK68 LED Torch Cree Q5

#6. SingFire SF-348 Super Mini Torch
This one with the coupon:GBSF348 at$5.99 now, but please show your love to it :bigsmile:

#7. UltraFire AT-008 Cree XPG R5

Waiting for your list :party:

My vote is for #3

My vote is for #7


I like your selection of wacthes. This one is nice and has a Miyota movement:

I loved ultraman as a kid :slight_smile: Something about him jumping monsters from behind and almost dieing in every episode

Geez now that I look at it again xd wth

My vote is for #7. UltraFire AT-008 Cree XPG R5

These Christmas items!

Christmas Rabbit Head Pattern Hat for Christmas Ornament

Christmas Bee Head Pattern Hat for Christmas Ornament

I like these, perfect for walking the dog on cold winters nights Funny Woolen Hat

My vote goes to #7.

I have a Sunwayman C21C on the way in the mail. I would love to compare them side by side.

8) I pick #7—UltraFire AT-008

I vote for this.

5M 40-LED RGB Ball-shaped String Light for Garden Wedding with EU Plug (AC220V)

Number 4 takes my vote. Good for my Christmas tree.

number 7

Number 4 should be good for the coming season.

My vote is for #7.

Number 1 for halloween

I like number 6, so small and pretty. Shame the LED’s on these are rarely centered :frowning:

Right now #7—UltraFire AT-008 is still my choice :smiley:

I like #7. 8)