Coupons from Lightscastle

Hello from Lightscastle,
Here I’d like to share two coupons from ,they are for SKU: 110250 and 149070.
The code for 110250 is 【GU3GG】,4.5 usd off,and the code for 149070 is :【AV2AG】,4 usd off. The coupons will be valid from April 16th to April 27.

Thank you for telling us about the coupons. I like those FLs. Black and neat.

I couldn’t find shipping rate at your site.

The shipping rate of the products has been included in the products’ price,we have many new products on our website,you can take time to have a look. :bigsmile:

Any new & current coupons?

There is no coupon now.Are you interested with any kind of products in the Lightscastle?If you are interested with some of them,pls tell me,I can ask my colleague and give you some coupons.

I'm ready to order a HD2010 right now.

Later on I'll want a Palight D3X and probably more HD2010's.

I also sent you guys an email last week asking about if your Palight D3X works with 26650's. I also want to know if the LED's are mounted on a single star or separate stars.

You guys might also want to add the Sky Ray Kung, aka Sky Ray 6500, if you can sell it for less than $38. Members here have been buying a lot of them lately on ebay. The sooner you add it, the better, or everyone here will already have one. I want one too.


Sorry,maybe there is some mistaken.Lightscastle has FandyFire HD2010 Cree XM-L T6 600LM 5-Mode White LED Flashlight ,but it does not have brands such as Palight and Sky Ray Kung.If you have the SkU of the products,pls send it to me,I will make sure whether it is sold on the Lightscastle,tks a lot.

I am really sorry that it is not your fault but my fault, Lightscastle has Palight D3X. Lightscastle does not have many flashlights of this brand, so it does not sort this brand out on the left of the website, after I reading the left brand of the website, I did not see this brand, Sorry!

My colleague told me that the Palight D3X can not work with 26650, as the other question you ask:“if the LED’s are mounted on a single star or separate stars“, I do not know the answer, my work is not related to this part.

Thanks for your suggestion, maybe we will sell Sky Ray King 6500 later, if our website has some coupons of it, I will let you know.

interested with Palight D3X,do you have any coupon for it?

Does the 26650 fit though? Another vendor says it fits, so I'm wondering if your light is different. I'm not so concerned if you think it will burn out.

If you can pass along the request about the star, I'd appreciate it. Crystal used to take pictures for us. I don't need a picture, just info.

For your reference, here's the Sky Ray Kung, aka Sky Ray 6500:

Any news about a coupon for the HD2010? I'm ready to buy that now.

A coupon would be nice, especially on top of the normal $44 price.

Now there is no coupon of it. :bigsmile:

I’m sorry, I do really want to help you, but I’m a newer here, I do not know much info about the Palight D3X. Before I came here, it is Crystal who deal with those matters. Yesterday I asked my colleague, she told me that it was not fit with 26650, I have the same opinion with you, the Palight D3X can fit with the 26650, but I have never see the flashlight, so I can not tell you the exact details, sorry.

Tks for your reference, you are very nice.

There is no coupon about HD2010 now.

As promised, I placed an order for the HD2010.

Please do find out about the Palight D3X at some point. Your price is good, but I have no desire for this light if it only fits 18650's like the description says. If you can't find out, the prudent thing for me to do is to pay more at another vendor that has confirmed it works with 26650's.

Please don't forget about the Sky Ray 6500 either. If you guys add any other light, it should be that light. It's the one with demand right now. You'd do well to be the first non-ebay vendor with a good reputation here to carry it. The second and third vendors to carry it probably won't make as many sales.

Gulunan…is $116 the correct price for the FandyFire K2 ? It is less than $30 elsewhere.