Courui D01 Fitted with 86mm kaidomain reflector. (No lathe required, mostly off the shelf parts)

A few more pics and details in the OP

I have an idea( maybe)
How about a custom copper pill by NikolaS that is machined so that the emitter and the star sit deeper? That should enable you to use 2 hoods and even a proper AR lens. The pills he sells are massive, a few millimeters that will be filed down should not cause problems with the heat transfer.
Is it a good idea???

Sure, that would work as well. Though personally I think it would be nicer to have a design that works with a completely stock Courui pill/shelf. Would allow more people to carry out the mod and keep costs lower in general.

But really it’s up to the person doing the modding what preferences or specific requirements they may have, it’s also fun to try and figure out something different.

I haven’t tried it but you could probably find some way to sandwich an AR UCLp lens at the front between two filter rings, that would also give you some extra clearance. Like a step up and then a step down or something like that. May not look too great but it would work, even give the option of having an oring in there and some better sealing.

The options are fairly endless with something like this but until someone tries it and works out the kinks that’s all they are; Options :slight_smile:

A slightly taller 82mm hood is what we need then. The current is 25mm high, so we need at leas a 30mm one. This one is 36mm 82mm Tele Metal Screw-in Lens Hood for DSLR Cameras | eBay, probably too tall, but I havent found anything better. Maybe, with 2 o-rings ( one betwen the reflector and the lens, another betwen the lens and the retaining ring), it can be made to work. This setup should work even with a bone stock pill. I will try something like this when I finally have some time and access to tools.
What I dont like the most is the ultra thin 0,5mm glass your current lens is made of. It is too fragile for a normal use.

Does anyone have a pic of the stock pill ?

EDIT: Found it, nothing to that pill

if anyone can let me barrow a heatsink for this host i can have these made ?

Good find on that 36mm one, should work fine I’d say. A little bit of extra height isn’t too much of a problem. Certainly better than too little! :wink:
If the gap is too much then it’s easy enough to raise the emitter on a copper pedestal like by stacking two or three mcpcbs.

Depending on how much you can screw out the shelf/pill and how much space the lens and retainer takes up at the front it may actually work out. Worth giving a go I reckon.

Linus, did you order a 1405/1504? If you did can you please check if this approach with lens hoods & camera lens equipment, could be used to fit a larger aspheric lens. If we are lucky maybe it will :slight_smile:

The OD of the 1504 is 70.50mm, do you know if there is some that could fit?

If found for example these filter adapters

Or this 67mm to 77mm i am thinking if one where to sand away enough material, for it to be snuggly fit on to the UF-1504, at 70.50mm and then could we use those longer lens hoods to get the lens far away to be able to focus a larger aspheric lens. Am i thinking right? Or am i missing something vital.

An 78mm aspheric, according to those in another thread thats much better at math than me ;), should need 8-10cm to focus a proper spot.
Thats the next step up from 67mm thats in the 1404/1504 stock.

My lens adapters arrived yesterday, & the KD reflector showed up today.

The reflector I received is flawless, & was packaged safely, & sealed at the ends with some adhesive plastic to prevent crap getting on the surface.

Looks like I’ll be busy this weekend :slight_smile:

The KD reflector eats the stock Courui one, so I’m expecting some good performance out of it.

Any beamshots with new reflector?

Not yet, but I think that we need to send one of these puppies to JohnnyMac to include in his awesome aerial photo shootout.

what lens and emitter are you using?

This lens , & an XP-G2 R5.

I’ll basically be dropping it into my first Courui build, which I have now added a BLF DD driver to, for a back-to-back comparison.

Thanks FmC, that build thread really straighten out a lot of questions on how to make a good optimized Courui D01 mod.

Please do a similar follow up thread with the 86mm reflector Courui D01 mod :slight_smile:

I spent a few hours today working with the camera adapters, & came up with a combination that doesn't require using the original bezel at all, & gives a few extra mm height.

@ Linus; do you mind if I put up a separate thread for my mod?

I know it is none of my business, but why not to keep all the information in one thread? Or at least post here a link to your mod. Can’t wait to see your mod too! BTW is there a way to use a normal lens? Those filters you use are rather flimsy and too thin. I like robust stuff that can take some punishment. I don’t like the risk of breaking the lens and messing up the reflector due to a puny lens.

To me I find it difficult to find particular points of interest when a thread gets to big. With its own thread you have better results with the search function, though I am a bit simple at times.

I'll do a separate thread. This is, after all, Linus' mod thread.

Obviously, I'll link to this thread, & give Linus the credit for coming up with the idea.


Thanks FmC for doing a write up (i hope ;)) like you did on your first Courui D01 mod thread :).
I i learned a lot of things i will be implementing, if i try a optimized Courui D01 build & i suspect i will learn just as much from the follow up, Courui D01 mod with the 86mm kaidomain reflector thread.

Just posted up my version of this mod - well worth the effort!