COURUI DO1 'Big Head' (Black/GRAY NOW AVAILABLE) $29.99 @ Gearbest ( use coupon: gbcourui) A long-throw modder's light!

+1 The HD2010 is a beast to focus properly with a dedomed LED.

Thanks guys for sharing your comments/experiences with this light.

@ cereal_killer: If you have a link, you may post it here.

Again, that’s true BLF spirit right there.

Thanks a lot, I waited forever for a good price on this. :bigsmile:

I like this one but I don’t really like electronic switches.

XP-L wouldn’t change anything because it has the same beam profile as XM-L2.

I liked my first one so much, I immediately bought a second! The size and overall shape just fits the hand nicely, and with 3 18650’s the run time is superior with less sag when hot rodding. And, uh, well, they’re both hot rodded. :slight_smile:

The e-switch is great with a reversing UI in a FET driver. This lets you go directly to Turbo or moon, as you wish. Love that!

I’ve got one with an XM-L2 de-domed and working far better than my 2 HD2010’s (369.25Kcd with an UCLp lens), the other has an MT-G2 utilizing 6 Efest Purple 18350’s. I limited that one to 3000 lumens in the firmware as it was wanting to make over 4000 at 100% and making more heat than I wanted in this light. I wasn’t feeling up to making a copper heat sink for it, so I used an ounce of silver instead. Works all right, would have preferred the copper with more mass.

I highly recommend this light. These immediately became personal favorites. :bigsmile:

Argh!!! Trying to resist . . . must resist . . . c'mon self, you can do it! :)


This is a better HD2010 with 7500mAh cell capacity (or more!) Resistance is Futile!

Think of the CHILDREN!!! :stuck_out_tongue: Ah, go ahead and buy one. I gave in, you should too! J)

WHY, WHY, I’m asking WHY You all are doing this to me??!!

I didn’t wanted to order more lights before EEX6 GB, but You did it to me, and had to order one of this J)

Hope it’s gona be another great light for mod :bigsmile:

FYI - I contacted vestureofblood about a copper pill - he has ordered a sample and will be looking into it :slight_smile:

Bucket is already making one as well, he’s had a Courui for a while now, since before he got onto the Damascus build for Matt.

Count me in! I’ll be very interested in a nice, thick copper pill for this!

Yeah, same thing I said above. I want one!

Bucket posted this thread 2 months ago…

Courui copper pill

I knew that I should have waited before clicking ‘buy’ for one of these lights from another vendor…….could have saved almost $10 !


Yep, I bought one a day/or two ago, for $32.07, oh well, I didn’t pay 38.

Resistance is Futile! J) J) :expressionless:

Thanks for the copper pill link, DBCstm. Link now added in the op.

Thanks, just ordered one, my first modder methinks :~