Now that I think about it BLF is unique among internet forums in its good nature. Part could be moderation, much could be the collaborative nature of projects and mods.

Everyone can anticipate, provide input, and buy BLF Lights. This gets you invested in the place. I signed up to both forums around the same time. Found CPF first and spent more time there in the early days. Now it’s almost exclusively here.

I learned in this thread that BLF is no longer a bad word over there. I suppose it’s hard to veto the term when they’re the lights people are buying and talking about.

I’ve been around here 5+ years, and can say it has and hasn’t changed… I recall many BLF threads being created solely to gripe about those “darn new members” stinking up the place. The old-boys club has had great success repelling many new members and change of all kinds. At the same time they themselves have gotten older and ornerier. These days I worry the old-boys-club just aspires to make BLF a mausoleum to decades gone by.
I still like how this place is a social alternative to full-on social media. But being half the age of the old-boys-club is tough.

I’m sorry you feel that way ‘Joshk’, but I disagree with you on your comment about the old timers.
I have not seen this in my 3yrs here. :wink:
Fact is the Old Timers are the history of BLF, we need them !
Everyone here is here for their love of flashlights and are looking for friends.
It’s not a perfect world anywhere, it’s only as good as we make it, either Better or Bitter.
:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

Aren’t you 60-ish years old CNCman?

Can’t say I’ve ever noticed that kind of thing myself.

To each his own.

There were a lot of threads like that in recent years…
My first search for “new ish members” in the BLF search box returned this:
“New(ish) members and FLAMING”

Surprisingly, even to me, the same user that created that thread is also the same user that has recently been promoted to a position of power within BLF, and has used that power to cut the head off debate about allowing new technology in certain areas.

’ Joshk ’ , I understand exactly what your saying. These things happen, and it hurts, I have been there too. But you cannot change people, they can only be led by a better example to change. You are a very intelligent man, I have seen your posts, you have much to contribute. Just let it go, and lead by example. Change is slow and may not happen easily. But many members here have been helped by your hand with more waiting.
Yes, 60+ going on 30ish always :wink:

I’m not looking to change people, only the atmosphere here. I do typically fit in well with older generations, and hope to become 60+ some day… But watching quietly while the youth is driven into obscurity on my favorite forum to socialize doesn’t sit well with me. If I was admin, this dude would have been given serious warning after invoking imagery of dominance via violence. Not a free pass.

My examples are just examples. I’m not railing against certain members. It’s just that the atmosphere has bumped up against a limit of mine.

what makes me post less and less on cpf is their pictures posting policy. there is just no way i’m gonna upload every pic i want to post in my image hosting account just to repost it there. they even had issues with me linking my own pics on other forums, it’s just not worth the troubles , especially considering the same people are on here too.
also it seem to me it is more a commercial platform rather than enthusiasts forums, no contests are held there. it does not make you want to build something new, try new ideas, as much as this forum. it is because of this forum i learned how to use 3d modeling software enough to actually design and print a working light for the contest.

> there is just no way i’m gonna upload every pic

uploading is optional.

I link to my photo host

This is where I would like to step in for a short moment.
I was never in the far right of any Gauss curve, but when it comes to “age” on the X-axis ……

It was not that difficult to find out whom you were referring to.
I hope you saw the :smiley: (big smile) at the end of the post you quoted.
Let me tell you: for me In my book that man is on the far right side of the “like” scale.
Giving support to people with less skills, sharing his know-how and his tricks-of-the-trade.
If you knew him a wee bit better, you would know that statement was meant ironical.
Or is this a case of: “England and America are two countries separated by the same language.”(GBShaw)

And I would like to appologize on behalf of GBShaw for writing England in stead of Great Britain.

I’ve been using cpf for a few years on and off. Im liking blf more and more. Both have their differences I suppose, though I just post mainly my gear and how and what I use it for.

No Henk. Imagery of beating youth into submission is not made ok by following it with a smile emoji.

Look I’ve tried to compose a response to this a few times, but I can’t get past the optics of your post.

Given recent events and what you posted, you are giving the distinct impression that you’re upset with specific users and expressing that here. I can only assume that this was not your intent, so I don’t think it would be appropriate to respond until you’ve had the chance to clarify your meaning.

As for the thread you linked to, it was clearly (to me, at the time) created in response to a specific topic elsewhere on the forum that was getting out of hand. I know from my personal experience on the forum that the users you quoted actually want new members and are eager to share their knowledge and foster participation in the community. They are both well-respected experts on this forum whom I’ve never seen act in any way other than charitable towards others.

I’d love to talk more about this with you in PM if you’re interested. I don’t think either you or the other parties involved have meant anyone any harm here.

Eat the chicken; throw away the bones.

Tell me this Scallywag, what percent of BLF users do you think are under 25 years old? Over 50 years old?

Guys, chill out. Age doesn’t really matter, skill and experience does. Arguing on the internet accomplishes nothing. Elitism kills hobby forums.

Don’t forget the best hackers in the world are under 20 years old.

I would accept that as an axiom…