CQG 3x18650 CREE XM-L T6 850-lumen extreme Long-Runtime Flashlight

This light is designed to be a high power light with extreme long runtime in the Hi mode.

Product link:

Output: 850+ lumens
Battery: 3x 18650 in parellel (not included)
Modes: Lo> Mi>Hi (with memory)
Circuit: 7135*8
Current regulation
Max driving current--2.8A ~3A
Runtime: 3~5 hrs constant on in Hi;
Waterproof: IPX 6

Size:160mm x 48mm


Price: 55usd
Shipping cost:

10.58usd by HK registered mail post to Worldwide

Express(3 days fast delivery time)
DHL: 19USD TO west Europe
DHL: 24.5USD TO USA /Canada
DHL: 16USD TO Japan / Korea etc
Any question/suggestion please feel free to ask.


You are getting in some sweet lights, Ric! Can you take a pic of the internals? I'd like to see if the heatsinking is up to the challenge of 3-5 hours on high.


Ok, no problem, will take a pic to show the inner parts. The heatsinking is quite nice, when run it for 10 minutes , the whole body begins to get alittle warm, the light can run constantly in Hi from the begining to the end.



Hi Rick, Im also looking forward to photos of how this light is heat sinked. I really like the mode program option for H/M/L... as most of us do.

Your link shows 7135's on the driver, so I assume the 3 batteries are in parallel with the circuit driven at 4.2V. Can you please confirm this?

Is shipping free to the US?

Can you please provide beam shots?

Is this available with a smooth reflector or is one available separately?

Does it include the lanyard?

Can you PLEASE do another run test on high for 30 minutes with freshly charged batteries and tell us how hot it gets?... this is very important to me.

Thank you!

Shipping is not free unfortunately but the shipping cost is listed in the OP. Also in the OP it states that the 3*18650 cells are in parallel. I am curious about the rest of your stuff, too. :)

Thanks Johnny. I need to stop getting so excited about new 18650 XML lights and slow down to read the details.

LOL! Happens to me all the time. Ric really has some sweet lights these days. Too bad they are pushing the envelope of budget lights.

Oh... that one is really interesting...

I'm very tempted.

But 66$ incl. pp... Uh.

The lanyard mount looks somewhat... unprofessional? :)

The thought of having something with so much reserve power (3 x 2400 mAh 18650's = 7200 mAh) would make for a great bike light that could quickly be dismounted for hand use. Also, parallel batteries @ 4.2V total would make the availability of driver swaps and upgrades mostly future proof for many years to come. I agree with the lanyard not being properly attached, but all Id need is a safety to keep it from dropping to the ground if it fell out if its handlebar mount.

Shipping is ridiculously expensive and brings the total to $79.50 to the US. I might have to rethink this unless Im completely pleased with the results Ric comes up with.

This flashlight has a very simple design. A single emitter. A normal reflector. What's different about it is that it can take 3 x 18650 in parallel. So why it costs so much? Expensive driver? Or the simple fact that it takes 3 x 18650? From a manufacturing point of view this is not something of a feature or complicated to do.

Is it just me or does that battery carrier look, like it´s been made better than in most lights?

Limited production tends to increase costs. OTOH you get something fairly unique for your money.

Hello guys,

Price is a little high, that's because it's a limited version, all the cost of material&compononts sourcing and machining process is respectively higher than ordinary bulk-production lights.

The netweight of the torch is close to 0.4KG, it's a big light which makes the shipping cost expensive.

We have droped the price by 10%, 50usd each. Shipping cost is the lowest, for this light, we dont recommend non-registered mail post which just saves $ 2-3.



Truth be told, i'd feel a little sore if Manafont/DX really gets hold of the 3 x 18650 150mm shorty 3xT6 or 3xT4 esp. LOL!

Ric, is this regulated? (don't think so?) Also can you please take a picture of the internal battery tube, showing the tube thickness? If it is thick, then it'd feel good as well.

The heatsinking is not due to host - air interface, unless we are talking about sub-zero. 3-hours at > 600 lumens is no joke. We have 3x the battery mass to heat-soak it, i guess its probably around twice longer than your regular 40mm reflector XM-L 1 x 18650? The thing is also you'd be gunning each battery at slightly below 1A, so that'd be good for battery life (less heat produced by the batt ITSELF due to less current per cell)

It says 7135*8, so it's well regulated (linear driver).

Hm... 61$ incl pp now. That's a tad better, but still... I hesitate.

I wonder if it can be easily modded to SST-90 / 6A


Ah dammit, I just ordered it.

It's turely regulated.

The heat sinking part is made of aluminum, In our test, this light can constantly run for several hours on 2.8A without any problem.

3x18650s are in parallel, it can work with 1x18650 / 2x18650 as well.



I have been eyeing this for about a week now and really wanted to see a pic in a persons hand. This thing is a monster! I love it! Who ever brought this to market should get a pat on the back. + no strobe or SOS. Thank you!

Description of this flashlight on Taobao:

ak47 like simple reliability, versatility!

how no one discovered the secret of the battery holder, it can be compatible with 26650 and 32650

The original battery holder is issued to all three pillars, as long as you have to tear down one, 26650,32650 can be compatible with the


Neutral White version is out. 5A3.

It's T4 5A3 (4000K~4200K color temprature), Is it from 4000K to 6000K that you call it 'neutral', sorry if it's a stupid question, people in china defines that in some different ways.