Crazy 2 18650 XML On Sale at Meritline $34.99

This is the best light at Meritline I have seen on sale for $34.99

  • Emitter Brand/Type: CREE T6
  • Emitter BIN: XM-LT60
  • Color: Black
  • Total Emitters: 1
  • Battery Configurations: 2 x 18650 batteries (2 x 18650 batteries not included)
  • Voltage Input: 4.2~8.4 V, 8.4 V max
  • Switch Type: Click
  • Switch Location: Tail-cap
  • Modes: 5
  • Mode Memory: Circuitry Features Mode Memory
  • Mode Arrangement: Hi > Mid > Low > Fast Strobe > Slow Strobe
  • Circuitry: Digital Regulated 3000 mA Current Output
  • Brightness: 1000 lumens maximum brightness (manufacturer rated)
  • Runtime: 100 Minutes (manufacturer rated)
  • Lens: Coated Glass Lens
  • Reflector: Aluminum Smooth / OP Reflector
  • Carrying Clip: Included
  • Carrying Strap: Included

Here is the link for it:

Body looks the same as this to me:

(head diameter is 55.9mm)

For $35 it seems like a reasonable deal, however at $20 for the host + a spear Q5 and circuit board the Manafont light also looks good.

Interesting…might have to order one for my first 2x18650 light

Yes, Meritline is shitty place :(

Presumably the lumen rating here is incorrect? Hardly seems worth using an XM-L if they were going to drive it that softly.


Has anyone tried this one out? I’ve always like the TrustFire ST50, but thought it was too pricey. How does the XML version of this perform? Anyone know?

If the Sipik version of TrustFire ST50 has the same brass pill, it worth the 35/38$.
Ideal for mods and extra Amps!

So has anyone tested this one out?