Crazy CPF

Posted the L2T review over there .. CPF

First they move it to the Budgetlight section ..

Then merge it with another thread to bury it , got to love CPF .

Hahaa.... Anyway the L2T is crazy nice and the finish is nicer than even my Ultrafire HA lights like U-80 or UF-980. Heck its even nicer than my Dereelight DBS V3, so very possibly nicer than Fenix/Olight. I REALLY REALLY do not know why people just won't buy it coz it's not HA.

A wee bit expensive at 16.90, could have been better at 13.90. LOL!

PS. Only problem is that the rubber part attracts dust, so you gotta rinse it once in a while.

I hope Solarforce comes out with a matt finish L2.

You know, actually I had a urge to get the Sunwayledman V20C, now I do not have. And since it's P60 you can change anything from XR-E to XP-G to XM-L, from WW to NW to know, to satisfy that flashaholic kick? Sealed

Lots of guys over there have solarforces. They don’t care at all about their members.

How is it even a budget light? It's a freakin HOST!

Not to mention, with a different tailcap, optic, bezel or even head, and then a dropin - which you could easily spend upwards of $40 on - and this "budget light" is well within the $100 range.

Yeah , I saw . I also saw that your excellent review of an excellent host has several members there purchasing one .

Sooner or later most of the members at CPF will own a Solarforce or two and an Ultrafire T6 3 mode as well .

Lately , the only useful threads at CPF about budget lights have come from BLF members .

And that's fine .

Keep up the good work , Old4570 .

Well with a netural white P3 drop in for 11 bucks shipped, it is a budget light....that's for neutral white kicks.

You can get a WW P4 for just 9 bucks. More power and quality it'd be a XP-G for 13.90 for the Solarforce 3-mode.

Want even more power the Ultrafire 3-mode XM-L is 16. So it stays pretty much below $30.

You want to play, of course anything can easily hit $100. Even Sky Ray/Trustfire/Uniquefire you play with boards/drivers/emitters its can also get expensive especially if you fry things.

Its the hobby - a lot of members here can easily afford say > 10 Olight/Fenix/Surefire with the collection they have and for me it spans over to HID and Lasers. Its not "just buy 5 really good lights and be done with it".

Can somebody explain to me the purpose of posting something here and then posting the same thing there? I don't get it. If its so terrible there then stay away. Keep the good information here so that people have to come to BLF to get the real deal.

Well - I usually dont post much @ CPF , but the L2T was too good not to share + I really wanted to see what would happen to the post .

I really wanted to see if it would get buried somewhere where it would vanish over time .

Confirming my Firm Belief in CPF !

Its because the mods at the other place have caused so much pain and suffering to others that old memories dont die easily. At least they are digging their own graves. I'd be happy to help shovel them under.

Old, you should post your battery results there again and start another war with the fan boys. Thats when I decided to start looking elsewhere for a better light forum.

I still post battery tests there ...

But its one of the reasons I multi post now - and have

My work cant vanish at some ones whim . [ CPF ] ok it can vanish @ CPF , but it can be found somewhere more flashlight friendly - BLF

I think a few of the servers can't take it. It becomes offline & inaccessible quite occassionally nowadays and then comes back online again shortly, as if they are always rebooting the servers. Those who are in the server/sysadmin line would know the symptoms and problems associated with this - it is not a good sign. Of course, the DB there is much bigger, it seems that it has grown too large and some part of the architecture is unable to keep up (be it s/w or h/w)

Compare with BLF - posting / loading stuff, editing posts its so much faster. Sometimes I edit posts there and save, I could get a Site not found or timeout error page. And its not that the traffic here is much lower, in fact I think its probably about the same.

CPF is managed and administered by grossly incompetent zealots... PERIOD! Some foolish moron (guess who) didnt backup for several months and then attempted a database migration (again... with no backup). Of course it became corrupted, failed miserably and lost several months of valuable posts. End of story for many members that found new homes elsewhere.

1) You cant fix stupid.

2) What comes around goes around.

3) Where's my largest shovel? Im ready to fill that hole with dirt.

The merged thread didn't really have an in depth review either.

I don't think BLF has anywhere near the volume of CPF and it is slow (BLF) however CPF does go down frequently. You are correct in that they are a different breed. I find it amusing that every moderator is as intolerant as the owner. I guess they must take an indoctrination class before becoming a moderator :)

There are more people (users) on there with more experience/different backgrounds etc. than here so far I believe. This site is much more limited as well since everything is about budget whatever. I like this site (obviously) but it's not yet an option to never go back to CPF.

I started and mainly frequent CPF in the diving, budget, and headlamp sub-forums. There is no diving sub-forum here and the headlamp section is pretty limited with most discussions about whether to get the $5 headlamp or the $10 headlamp. Most of the other discussions are really only about cost as well. That's a little limited if the site is going to grow past a certain stage.

Actually there isn't a lot of discussion here. It's mainly just posting about new cheap lights that one received that day. It's fun but limited. The main attraction is that it's a relief compared to CPF to not be moderated excessively and everyone here is friendly and you can link to DX or anywhere else if you want to.

I bought a Zebralight the other day and wanted to know what the discount code was for Going Gear. No one could post it because CPF wants you to register separated for their "Market Place" and the codes are listed there. So...I had to register for the Market Place. When I did a red banner appeared to let me know that I couldn't see certain threads (including the one with the discount codes) until I had posted 3 times! The banner also warned me that if I posted 3 times just to make the post count that moderators would delete those posts :)

You don't know whether to laugh or cry :) Eventually I made 3 posts that seemed sincere (they weren't) and were "approved" by the moderators and the red banner went away and I can how see all the threads.

The Pentagon isn't as worried about a breach of security as CPF :)

When I was lurking before that and joined CPF in 2006, there was a lot of volume. HIDs were quite healthy then I guess (now its like dead). Of course you check out the LED forums and compare with here, from what I check and see on the Home page here the volume now is the same as there (you see the number of new posts at a glance). If you compare other areas like HID or extreme lights or your diving lights then there is none's just mainly LEDs. But yeah, i forgot that there is CFPM if you are just into the forum for deals in the market.

Eg here (you can include the sub-forum Budget Lights too)

and here

But as I mentioned, CPF has huge info in the DB due to history. I have tried to contribute in budget HIDs, some really good stuff which are OEM as the same as branded stuff but 5-10X cheaper with very similar performance....but my links data/beamshots all got deleted and I was banned for 1 day. BLF is still pretty new, but i am simply amazed at the "new info" that has sprung up. old4570 and mitro (actually just 2-3 weeks ago) and btred and some other guys' battery tests are amazing. I do not think anybody is doing that at CPF (old info is there though). Hence my humble observation and comment.

BLF is not slow here at my place though, CPF is much slower.....maybe the traffic is through different international links. Smile

PS. Actually I believe that there are more things going on in budget than the branded arena. Every week there is something new. DQG II, Xeno E03 (ok that one already came out in April, and some people just do not wish to spend > 30 bucks not even 5 dollars LOL!), Fandyfire/Sky Ray Olight M3X look-alike etc.... SR92? Just came out with the 3xT6. L2T copys the C2 design. Etc etc... People are too busy buying and playing than measuring. LOL! There are also things which are available in the budget arena and not in the branded arena....and cheap enough to try for the hobby.

Just a general comment on my observations - not to bash any forums. Laughing

You should have asked for the code here. I and others would have told you. I bought some good headlights ($30+) after recommendations found here. Many people here also own zebralights. I don't agree with everything in your post but that is okay, you are entitled to your opinion. That is why BLF is a great site. BLF is evolving but will never be like CPF and doesn't want to be.

Was going to reply to another member's post on Vector Power On Board HID with my pictures on my implementation, but it went down again....

I think forum are made by member so the evolving stage depends on member. If there aren't dive light and headlamp section is because only few member use/buy them. If in the future many will buy them i'm sure that a proper section will be created.
I know on CPF they have to "manage" more people but it seems that you have alwaysto match up with the "standard" of the forum.
Here i can buy and talk about a $2 dollar flashlight or a $1000 flashlght and no one will move my post.
Once again, i can only say that i love this place...

I just have to laugh at all the crass dictatorial rules and regulations the CPF morons posts all over their dumb-ass web site. You'd think they were selling weapons grade nuclear products to hostile Arabic nations. There isnt 1/50th as many rules involved with filing a flight plan for air travel, and I thought the FAA was bad enough. I just tried to place links to a few billion of their dumber rules but CPF is down again as usual!