Credit card lamp shaped light for 0.01$ @ lightake

I always wanted one, but it always cost 98c too much... :)

Nice but if its faulty how many people will it take to change it?

Any coupons?

Oh shoot....

It is also 0.01 in Euro, so this is only a good deal for you guys using $$$ ;)

ty I will take it..

I've always been curious to know if do enough light to read a book
maybe ty I will have 1 less question in my brain
but actually is 1 more... It will arrive? XD

evil you ruined the suspense xD

btw I think that keeping it in my desktop/chest in front of the book I have chance xD

damn is becoming expensive... actually 0,02 euro cent! Because 0,01$ is 0,01 for my back and another 0.01 for the commission to change $ to ! °_°

If only the aussie $ hadn't dropped!


really cool

Bought one for my wife, so she could find all the credit cards in the dark.

She has no problem finding her credit cards in the dark, so I will probably send it back if she doesn't like it!

As long as it are her credit cards

Group buy for that one? :bigsmile: I think of buying one myself :bigsmile:

Is there a coupon code? =P

So... it was shipped on Nov 28th, and I still haven't received it. Received plenty of other packages sent after this date.

Did any of you get this cutie?

arrrghh too many packages lost these days... though I got two packages lately that took over 3 months to arrive. Maybe this will show in a month or too also.

Wow! I love getting off topic but that was REALLY off topic.

If you hold your fingernail up to the yellow, light-bulb shaped diffuser, you may almost see it is a fingernail! Surprised

I'm going to set it up at 100 yards at night, and see if my NV scope may guide a leaded vessel down range.

Will be worth at least .01, in my book.

Yeah, well, it's kinda hard to give more than the bare minimum to those who shoot missiles at you, explode in your restaurants and buses and call for your destruction regularly.

And yes, it's a joke light (which btw sells for about 5$-10$ locally ), but I like it and hate lost packages...

I got my $0.01 light a few weeks ago. Worked the first time I opened it then never after that. Plastic chipped off where it presses against the spring/switch in the on position and the only way to light it is by forcing it to it's extreme open position. For $0.01 it's well worth the price as you get a free battery and something interesting to look at for a minute to examine how it works.

I agree that Israel has mistreated Palestinians for decades, but this is in no way an excuse to attack civilians. If all Palestinian attacks were on Israeli official forces (military, police), I believe no one would have called it terror. Remember also that terror attacks have happened long before Israel took control of the Gaza strip and Judea and Samaria (what is now called the "occupied territories"), long before Israel even existed as a state. So the terror acts are by no means a result of Israel's actions towards Palestinians.

Also, when Palestinians were given the opportunity of self governing for the first time (back in the early 90s) we've seen one of the largest terror waves towards Israelis that killed hundreds of civilians (and was aimed first and foremost at civilians), and recently when Israel went out of the Gaza strip we've seen an overwhelming rise of the amount of missiles fired at Israeli settlements (again, with the aim of targeting civilians, not military targets).

Don't get me wrong, I think Israel should've acted much differently than it did with dealing with the Palestinians (and my vote in the general elections has always gone to peace and human rights supporters, leftist parties), but there's much more to this ongoing conflict than just the way Israel has acted towards Palestinians. (It is fueled and financed by foreign countries, such as Iran; Palestinians call for the destruction of Israel regularly [and it is written in their covenant]; Palestinians rejected offers for self governing over more than 97% of Gaza, Judea and Samaria; Palestinians demand the "right of return" meaning Israel should allow a Palestinian population of nearly Israel's population to arrive in and live in Israel, which will surely make this country much less hospitable for its current citizens [both Jews and Arabs]; so there's much more to it than the superficial claim of mistreatment).

Regarding your comparison to South Africa - there is no hint of apartheid-like acts in Israel. Israeli parliament has about 10% Arab members. Arab citizens are allowed to vote just like the rest of Israel's citizens. Arabs can go freely everywhere, do everything that Jews can (as long as it's legal). They can live practically everywhere. They study in universities with the rest of the population with no segregation whatsoever. They are not limited in commerce, they have newspapers of their own (and Arab reporters regularly write in "Jewish" newspapers), they are as free as the rest of Israel's citizens. The limits are put on the Palestinian population, which are not citizens of Israel, which hosts enemy and terror organizations (or even govern as terrorist organizations, such as the Hamas in the Gaza strip), so this is an act of self defense on Israel's side. Just in recent years, the Palestinian government in Judea and Samaria started acting against the terrorist groups that acted within its borders, cooperating with the Israeli military and police, and so barriers between these territories and Israel are lifted all the time, commerce between Israel and them grows every month, travel restrictions lowered, their economy flourishes and they are very close to having a state of their own with full self governing. This means that if the Palestinians act as you would expect a peaceful neighboring country would, they can have the world and Israel would be happy to assist. But if, on the other hand, they want to destroy Israel and kill its Jewish population, I don't see why Israel should help them do so or be reprimanded for not helping them doing so.

This was overly long and really not in the right forum... :)

JohnnyMac, glad to hear they really did send it at 0.01$, I wasn't sure they would...