Cree 70 vs 90 CRI lux/lumen difference??

Noob question: On average, how much (in percentage) do you lose in light output if you replace a Cree standard CRI LED with a 80 or 90 CRI version? For a specific example, like the XHP70?

Thank you.. Robert

It depends on the tint. From the datasheet you get the flux (in Lumen) for each tint.
Use the values for 85°C.

As an example page 6, 6500 K. Highest flux for CRI 80 is group N2, so 1590 lm it is.
For CRI 90 the highest flux is group M2 = 1380 lm.

Difference is 1590/1380 = 1.152 = +15% for CRI 80.

Not many tints/groups are available to buy at all. For XHP70.2 I have never seen CRI 90 anywhere.

Well that makes perfect sense! Ok thank you.

Zebralight claims their new SC700d ships with a 90+ CRI 5,000K XHP 70.2

I mean not available to buy as single LEDs in small numbers.
Cree may produce any tint if you order a full reel of several thousand LEDs.