Cree UltraOK Q5 400Lumens Is A Thrower

This is probably one of my best throwers period. I just shined it on my neighbors barn which is right at 400yds and it lights it up very easily. I compared it to the Solarforce Skyline I on the barn and it lights the barn up better than the Skyline I. So yes I'm convinced that this light will beat the Skyline I for a thrower and do so for less than half the price. This light is a mega thrower for the money. One of my favorite lights.

Oh and the beam may not be as narrow as the Skyline I, but it will throw a beam with brighter intensity vs the Skyline I. What I would like to do is have the same long deep reflector of the Skyline I on this UltraOK Q5 light. Now that would really be awesome.

And in case anyone is interested in buying this light I bought it here.

You can probably see a better beam shot in that link than I can show you with my camera. It's that good as you see in the photo, too when it comes to a narrow beam. I highly recommend this light for the money.

Could you please supply the current draw from battery on High, as well as the hotspot diameter at 3m or more?


And, do you have an HS-802 to compare it to?

You can compare it to a C8 with an XR-E Q5 in it because it's an MRV clone and they use the same exact reflector as a C8.

Very impressive, if it out throws the skyline. Might have to get me one, since I’m in want of a good thrower . I like the MRV style as well. Do they offer a R2 version?

That beamshot in the ebay photo looks to be of an aspheric in throw mode. The square emitter hotspot gives it away.

Yours would still be a good thrower as I briefly had a C8 with an XR-E Q5 in it and it dies throw a fine beam. Upgrade that with an R2 driven at 1.4A and you would have an awesome thrower!

wow 400 yards that's a long distance! The brightest light i own now is the KD C8 which throws 100 usable yards at most i think. But then it also has a very decent flow and a wide hotspot.

Ok I take that back on the seller. I bought it from this seller.

I thought that square was a target matter, not shure now. But the spill is definitely bright for an aspheric in throw mode?

You are right about the spill, I hadn’t thought about that but the right & bottom edges of the hotspot appear to be on a flat wall while the top & left edges are definitely on the building edges.

This was right at 12ft. UltraOK Technology Q5(400 lumens) on left and Skyline I(300 lumens) on right.

I don't have a multimeter yet.

And I paid $13.99 with free shipping for the light.

Here's a beamshot at 40yds.

Here's 60yds.

And just so you guys know that I know what 400yds is, here's the barn I lit up early this morning while it was dark.

Here's a good picture of the reflector and how it completely surrounds the led housing.

And here's the same exact beam shot picture as above but with the Skyline I. Camera settings are proibably different though and this one is more focused. But you can get the idea that both are throwers.

What about hotspot diameter? Wink

Don't want to be pest, but I already have an HS-802 with a 10cm hotspot at 3m, and if this one is equally small it would be redundant to me.

On the other hand, I like that body (looks the same as my TrustFire F15) and it might work well with an R5 emitter, which would throw a wider spot.

All well,but 400 lumens for Q5 this fantasy,Interesting how much indeed