CREE UniqueFire HS-802 -- Replacement Tailcap / Clicky Switch?

Hey all, new member here... I found this forum while Googling for a replacement clicky switch for my Cree lamp. The tailcap / clicky switch seems to have gone totally kaput. It works for a minute or two, and then if I bump or jostle the body at all, she shuts off. I've seemingly pinpointed the problem to a faulty tailcap. I'd like to replace just the clicky switch and not the entire unit, but can't seem to find one.

Unit in question:

Does anyone have any advice/suggestions? Also, how do I disassemble the tailcap if I can even find a replacement part? I don't see screws or any tabs, just two little holes inside the cap end.


ok, in reverse order of questions.

The two little holes in the inside of the cap are for removing the clickie. The washer the two holes are in is threaded into the tailcap and unscrews using a set of split ring pliers or long needle nose pliers will often do the trick.

Next, if you suspect a bad switch, Remove the tailcap, leaving the battery in the tube, then take a dime and use it to touch the bottom of the battery and the side of the tube. The light should come on and stay on as long as the tail of the battery and the tube are both in contact. This can also be done with an Ammeter to check the current being drawn by the light. take off tailcap, touch black lead to base of battery and red to body with the ammeter set to the 20 A /DC settings.

If you don't get light that way, the problem isnt the switch. If you do get light that way, the replacement for the switch can be found here:

Wiljen - thanks for the help! After running your tests, it's definitely not the clickie. But this is where it gets weird... just doing the dime test, or using copper wire, the bulb lights perfectly. However, if I put any pressure on the batter, to simulate the position when the tailcap is on, the LED starts flickering on and off, and sometimes shuts off entirel (the normal problem I've been having).

Is there anyway to disassemble these bodies further to look for the problem?

The Bezel in the head should unscrew but may be glued on. If it is glued, try to take a heat gun to it and see if you can cook the glue loose then take a wrench and unscrew the bezel. This sounds suspiciously like the battery is causing something in the driver or the Led contacts to ground out. I would try to loosen the reflector from the pill about 1/4 to 1/2 turn and see if that provides enough space to keep it from crimping and grounding out the connection.

Here is a thread with one dissasembled for reference:

Wiljen... solved it. After trying to do a full disassemble, I noticed the internal "block"(?) was loose. That is, the pill(?) was spinning when I reached in to grab it. I turned it back clockwise until it fully seated, and now everything is solid!

Is there a proper name for that internal assembly that holds the LED on one side and the battery terminal on the other?

Hey JustSomeDude and a warm welcome to this forum!

Yes, that thingy is called the pill


Glad to hear you got it taken care of and without spending a dime. I'd call that a budget fix for a budget light.

Indeed! Although I may order some of those clickies just to have a spare handy. I own a few CREE lights that they are compatible with, and for under 5 bucks - why not?

Be careful, next you'll be buying spare tubes, pills, emitters, drivers,etc. They multiply if given the chance.

That's what old Altoid metal boxes are good for!

everybody likes a success story ...yeah the reflectors sometimes need to be jammed against the emitter and sometimes it's also a bad thing a little trial and error backing things up or snugging them down solves a lot of pesky flicker issues ...same with the tail although it's usually just a matter of cleaning threads and tightening a bit ..

Way to go .. you're a technician..

Aloha and welcome to BLF JustSomeDude!

I am trying to find a replacement tail cap for this style light; does anyone know where to get one?

It’s usually a matter of replace the switch rather than the tail cap. I’m not aware of any replacement tail caps other than for Solarforce or Surefire lights.

Do you need to replace the whole cap?

I would like to have a spare tail cap so I can convert it to a pressure switch.

Hey all… back to problems with this unit again. Looks like the LED has now crapped out entirely. Are there replacement emitters for this 5-mode version, or am I SOL? :stuck_out_tongue:

There are indeed replacement emitters available. is a great source for both LEDs and drivers, and the owner Craig is a member here.

This is an excellent opportunity to wade into the 'modding pool,' so please feel free to tear that sucker apart ! We are here to help.

Replacement emitters? Yes. Could you measure the size of the star the LED is on.

I’m up for modding… already have her totally torn apart. :slight_smile: What do you recommend for a new emitter? Anything snazzy I should be looking for?