Cree XHP35?


Which XHP 35 FL do you know? I know zebra light SC600, SC63 and acebeam K50V3.
Why other producers are not using XHP35?

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Cree XHP-35 requires ~12v to operate. Flashlights that are small enough to make use of an emitter the size of XHP-35 typically run off a single Li-Ion cell, which don’t naturally produce ~12v, so they’d require a boost driver, which introduces inefficiency. Flashlights that are large enough to hold multiple cells can make use of bigger, higher output (and actually lower Vf) emitters as well. So, XHP-35 hasn’t gained popularity in flashlights because it’s just not a good fit. That obviously doesn’t mean that nobody will want one, just that it would be a small niche.

Ok, I understand.
So zebra light is the only company which uses this emitter in small one cell FL?
Or do you know any other company?

Thank you