CREE XM-L T6 1000 Lumen from Meritline $9.99

Can't find much on this anyone know if its worth it?

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Here's original thread from fatwallet:

The shipping to South Florida came out to $1.99 for a total of $11.98. Doesn't seem bad, I'm very tempted.

At a glance that looks like just a C8.

You could do alot worse than a C8 if you don’t have one… nice throw, easy to handle and just as easy to upgrade the driver or emitter.

At that price, get two…leave one in the car or truck if you don’t do that already. I even have one with an extender and stainless bezels.

A very decent price i`d say!

Plastic reflector?

I have a couple of these and the first two are aluminum. No saying whether this current one is that still or plastic. I have a modded driver and it ROCKS, planning on doing that this spring w a newer U2 or U3 and seeing what improvements there are.