Cree XM-L T6-4C 4300-4500K LED at FastTech

Im not a modder, but I wish I was so I could have access to T6 4C flashlights.

I have two Sunwayman M11R Premium lights with XM-L T6 4C, but have not been able to find any others. To my eyes, the tint is fabulous.

I just thought I’d point out to you modders out there that they have some at FastTech. One is on a 16mm base and the other on a 20mm star.

16mm base.

20mm star.

If you’ve never tried an XM-L T6 4C , you should.

Thanks for the heads up, I like the 4c too, can see all my edc lights ending up this tint. :slight_smile:

I feel so helpless, and I envy your skills. I love this LED.
Maybe Old-Lumens will put one in a light.

Made another thread for this, but ill post the picture here since I updated it earlier today:

Swapping an xm-l for an xm-l is really very easy on a lot of lights, just two small solder joints, clean the pill, New thermal paste, re-solder reassemble.

Get a 40w iron and a bit of small gauge wire to practice making joints in, you’ll soon be able to do an emitter swap. :slight_smile:

thanks for posting this RaceR86.

Dont know why there is such different prices though. I guess supply and demand working there.