CREE XM-L U3 available at

CREE XM-L U3 it’s now available at
We have 1C tint with various MCPCBs.

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Hank - Beat you by 2 minutes, already posted here. Ordered 3 16mm's, then posted -

Heh. Things are going well for Hank when his customers do the advertising for him :wink:

I've been waiting for this, think many others as well. I saw only 25 shown in stock, so, they may sell out today. Get em while you can!

Why don’t we see NW tints in the higher binned XM-L’s though? I’ve never even seen a NW U2.

Because color temp is “lowered” by adding thicker layer of phosphor on top of LED die (remember - white LEDs are actually deep blue LEDs with phosphor coating). The thicker coating is, the more light is lost. Therefore, a die that is bright enough to be binned as U3 at 6000K (= very thin phosphor layer) will only be bright enough for T6 binning at e.g. 4500K (= thicker phosphor layer).

Good explanation, Shadow :slight_smile:

That’s great, now if you dont know what to do with all those T6 and U2 lying around, give them to me, I will take good care of them 0:)

Yeah, I actually knew about phosphor coatings and color temperature. I was asking because CREE seemed to have no trouble producing upper binned NW XP-G2’s at the same time they were pumping out the cool whites. What’s different between the production of XM-L’s and XP-G2’s in this respect?

Perhaps the XM-L is right at the edge of what’s possible in that format, but the XP-G2 is not. But then, why not an R6 bin for the XP-G2?