Cree XP-E 'Far Red' 730nm wavelength emitters

Oh, I dunno! Does it?

Assuming, that a buck driver can convert into the 1.9-2.3V range from 3.0-4.2V (I just hope, this assumption is right :-) ), I have seen these at

this - only 1 mode at 1.3A, 0.43A per led, not sure about height
this - very similar, height is shown as 6.8mm, not sure if it can fit in a Jaxman E2L host
I am also wondering about this and this - they don't seem to have 7135 regulators, but I am not sure, if they are linear or buck drivers.

Another idea came to my mind: is it possible to get a triple board for Carclo 105xx optics, which has the LED connections serially? If so, then the next step would be to find a single cell boost driver, which delivers max. around 0.8-1A current for the triple board - then Vf would be a bit high, but maybe still tolerable (5.7-6.9V range) - I wonder if there is a good boost driver for that (also, d=17mm).

I’ve got one of those quad boards with 4x XP-E 730nm in my AliExpress shopping cart.

Some time ago i got some Epileds 3535 660nm, and it’s a very nice deep red, or as someone here said, makes normal red (620nm?) look like orange.
Epileds are cheaper and not too bad i.m.o., but it seems they don’t make 730nm.

Good to read here that it’s definitely a visible wavelength.
Could be worth considering to add one of those to indoor lighting, just to get that deep warmness of old fashioned Tungsten light sources.
I don’t think there are any white LEDs that go that deep into the red
Even the Nichia Optisolis only goes up to some 640nm iirc.

Most sources suggest that the M-cones in our retina sense next to nothing over 670nm, so all detection comes down to the L-cones. That would imply that all wavelenghths over 670nm are perceived as the same colour, the sensitivity just gets less and less when going higher. 730nm will be very inefficient, a lot of radiant power is needed to obtain any decent brightness.

This is not a first-hand real-life observation, anyone have a different experience?

Got a picture of how you rewired it?

Having botched the soldering of several attempts to rewire triples as parallel (shaky hands and sloppy technique), I’m always interested in successes.