CREE XP-G R4 4B Neutral White at KD

Kaidomain has the CREE XP-G R4 4B Neutral White on a 12.8mm base for cheap $6.41.

There are also a lot of other emitters available at the moment.


Great! I'm slowly replacing all my cool white emitters with neutral or warm white, and just ordered a bunch of R4 neutral and Q4 5A. Will try to replace R5 in my incoming Fenix TK15 with R4 neutral, if I manage to open up that notorious TK series sealed head.

I ordered one of the R4 4B neutral and I will compare it to my R4 5B1 neutral bought in this group buy .

Another group buy for Cutter R4 neutrals is going on at CPF. $8.50 plus shipping, which is pretty reasonable. Cutter has a 5C tint now. KD is a better deal if that tint turns out okay.

Is R4 more like R5 or R2? I find the R2 similar to Q5. I mean are the R4 XP-E or XP-G type?

The LED is an XP-G. The bin is R4 which is 2 bins brighter than R2. R2 is one bin brighter than Q5. Each bin is about a 7% difference, so 1 bin isn't going to be that noticeable.

Just asking since the XP-G is noticeably less hot at same current.

Unless the voltage is different, I don't know where the energy would be going. The XP-G is more efficient, but the extra light doesn't really represent that much of the total energy.

I went ahead and ordered parts to make a KD neutral white drop-in yesterday. $13.02 for the LED, an empty drop-in, and a NANJG AK47 driver.

Got my LED today. I hooked it up to a NANJG AK47 driver set to 3 modes (KD is still shipping the ATTINY version). It turned out great and was surprisingly easy. Maybe I've actually learned a few things . . . Anyway, the tint isn't as neutral as the 5B1 I got from a Cutter group buy, but it's still quite decent. Here it is up against a my Ultrafire WF-502B with a XP-G R5 cool white tint with the same driver, first at 1/25th second:

R4 vs. R5 at 1/25th second

Now at 1/200th second:

R4 vs. R5 at 1/200th second

And at 1/1600th. These are pretty equal in brightness:

R4 vs. R5 at 1/1600th second

Okay, now here is KD's XP-G 4B vs the Cutter XP-G 5B1. This is a 1400mA driver and it is in my Solarforce L2i which I think drives it a little harder still, so don't worry abouthe brightness so much. Also I think the KD drop-in I am using may block a little of the output. Certainly the opening in the reflector is a little smaller than the light with the Cutter LED. The white balance of the camera is messing with the tints, so the KD LED is in the same place as the pictures above, but now it looks cooler.

4B vs. 5B1 at 1/25th second

And at 1/200th second:

4B vs. 5B1 at 1/200th second

And at 1/1600th second:

4B vs. 5B1 at 1/16200th second

Maybe I'll try to get pictures of all 3 lights together so the white balance doesn't mess with the tints as much.

Anyway, this is a pretty good way to get a neutral drop-in. I got the empty KD drop-in which I'm not crazy about, along with the driver and LED for $13.02.

Okay, here are all 3 lights to give you a better idea of how the two neutrals really match up. The new KD LED is in the center now:

3 lights at 1/25th second

And at 1/200th second:

3 lights at 1/200th second

And at 1/1600th:

3 lights at 1/1600th second

Thanks that is exactly the tint I am looking for as a replacement for the (only in snow acceptable) blueisch R5's I own

Thankyou BRTED. Have one on the way. Looks good.

Just put one in an ext. L2X, nice tint! : )