Crelant V6CS $23??

They have announced this light running an XML-U2 at 720 lumens.
Has both a tail and body switch.
Looks very similar to the 7G6CS.

At this price they should sell tons of them.
50 piece group buy would bring the price down to $18!!!

Anyone heard more about this light?

Please post a sales link.

I dont have one. I was sent an email from Crelant.

Sounds quite good, but how to order………directly from Crelant via E-mail ?

I’m in one for $18 if the shipping isn’t ridiculous. :smiley:

Its not on crelants site, nor could I find anything about it during a web search. This might be a scam. Maybe reply to the email for more information.

This is the email from

“Dear friend,

‘v6cs’—Crelant Featured product in 2013!

Yes, definitely, V6 is our latest model.
High quality and reasonable price will help it to occupy a big market share.

Attached is the information of it, please check.
It costs 18USD when the quantity more than 50pcs.
Otherwise, it costs 23USD per piece.

Thanks for your kind attention.”

With a picture and instruction manual attached.

whats the email they are using

That’s a great offer…if it ends up being legit… I’m in.


i would think that it would be on crelants website, unless it was discontinued… but there isnt any reviews or anything i can find so id say its a copy myself

What a sexy beast!

Agreed, we definitely need to know shipping costs.

BTW, what’s the difference between this and 7G6CS ?

the only difference I see is the stainless bezel, my 7G6CS wasnt putting out the claimed 700+ lumens more like 500

You will get those 700 lm with 2x16340 :wink:

Yeah, that bezel is the single difference, at least outside, I’ve noticed too. Would be good to know if the drivers are the same (modes, current, etc).

Clip is in the WRONG place.

It’s one sweet lookin’ light.

ok, so my skepticism paid off in a way… sort of

i had said that i was sent an email about this light, so i cant answer their question lol

So it can be a first batch promo. Well, if it’s like 7G6 but without SS bezel and free shipping, I’m definitely in :stuck_out_tongue: