Crelant V6CS budget thrower?

Hi all,

I recently came across this light and wondered if anyone can tell me about it, I haven’t seen it mentioned much, and was just wondering why?

I think it could be a valid budget thrower, or am I wrong? I really like the option of variable output( can apparently be ramped down to almost zero lumens…) too, which puts it above other budget lights, in my opinion.

What are your experiences with this light?


Your post made me go and look for this light. It seems to be pretty cheap, $28 at banggood before any discount codes. And it seems that it may have been available even cheaper somewhere. Seems like a really nice light for the money :slight_smile:

I have ordered one locally( South Africa), bit more expensive, but our postal service is on strike here, and I have about 10 packages that are sitting at the airport awaiting delivery, some for over a month now, so I chose the more expensive route for now…

Should have it in a week or less, then will post my opinion on it….

I have the renamed version - Ultrafire T80 ( XML T6 U2) which I understand came from Crelant. There are some reviews on BLF of it. I use the light a lot, is well made and I really like it. The variable control is well done. Mine came in a plastic case, with pouch and accessories. I am not sure if Crelant has changed it’s quality as I have had mine for about 18 months. I dont know that I would call it a thrower though, more general purpose. Its a single 18650 light of similar size to the Convoy L4 and various others. I actually have had my eye on the CRELANT 7G6CS but even though it’s similar size light with similar functions is considerably more in price and I can’t understand why.

I have the V9CS which I think is the first version of this light. I bought it when it first came out and was launched with the XM-L U2.

It’s very much C8 in shape and size, just a little longer due to the extra side switch.

The fit, finish and tactile quality of the light is superb. Better than Convoy. And as far as I can recall is fully current controlled, so no PWM flickering at all, although you can hear it whining.

Personally I don’t like the ramping at all. I find it pretty useless. The V9CS is slow to ramp up or down (I believe the latter models have a faster ramp rate). But I still can’t see the point, as it takes longer than just clicking to get a desired mode.

Also you can’t control the direction of ramp, say for example you are running a “mid” output setting and stopped as it was getting brighter. You now want “low”. You’ll have to click and hold the button, it’ll ramp up brighter and brighter to max, then down, back to where you started before getting dimmer.

Ramping sounds great in discussion and on paper, but the reality is it SUCKS in actual use.

Another plus point, it does go very low. But due to the big SMO reflector I find it is a bit useless in moonlight as it’s still trying to “thow” the light. So you only get a small area of light that isn’t all that useful. A small reflector light with the same output is far more useful for moonlight.

Another thing and I don’t know if it’s the same on the V6CS, but looking at the specs I think it is. The light will run on 8.4v input.



But the trouble is, it isn’t regulated on a single li-ion. Not that this is a real problem. But output is also less. Basically this light likes more volts. I run mine on 2x18350 IMR’s. But of course runtime is vastly less than 1x18650 lights. Combined with the extra length of the light (it’s too long to fit in a jeans pocket), I find I use my C8’s a lot more.

A shame, as it’s lovely made light and like the forward clicky and momentary. In fact it works best as a single mode, always in high kind of light. But the battery options don’t support this use.

As for throw, well it’ll throw as well as any other light using a SMO reflector of this size and the same LED. So for a given lumen output it’ll throw as well as a C8 does.

I can’t offer up lux or lumen numbers. And obviously mine is not the same light.

1 x 18650 = 1.38 tail cap amp draw
2 x 18350 = 1.17 tail cap amp draw (total as there are two batteries = 2.34amp)

On 2 li-ion it is noticeably brighter and gets hotter.

I bought mine here:

I have several and love them. All of mine are the new 2014 model with the updated XM-L2 LED.

Three months ago I sent one out (for free of course) to one of our well respected reviewers and hope to see a review of this light soon.

What I can tell you is that this light is extremely well made and is easy to mod. Thanks to the large head I am able to put a stack of 9 copper pennies (~ 13mm thick) under the LED shelf for heat sinking. I also use nocitgon or sinkpad II DTP mcpcb for the dedomed LED, add larger wires, and copper braid the springs. I also copper wire bypass the current sense resistor.

Results of all this are impressive. It puts out a lot of light and impressive throw. Thanks to the added copper heat sinking you can comfortably run it on high much longer than my other comparable size single LED modded lights, e.g. UF C8, UF C12, Convoy C8, Convoy L4, and the EE X6.

I have also done one with a BLF 17DD driver running at close to 6 amps.

When time allows I will do a writeup of the tear down and mod.

I highly recommend the Crelant V6CS XM-L2 for anyone here.

I own the V9CS, older grey model, and the 7G6CS. Both are excellent lights.

In terms of quality and UI they are very good, and I expect the V6CS will be as well.

The major downfall with crelant lights is to get to the advertised specs you need to use two 3.7v batteries... two 16340. The light will still work just fine with an 18650, but won't approach the advertised max output.

Quality with Crelant tends to be pretty high on the budget side of things, for lights under $50, but is not quite there for their more expensive lights.

I would love to see a tear down and mod of this light, cant wait to see it. I just got one in and its 2.5 amps at the tail with one 18650. What did your stock light measure at the tail?

You need to get a high drain 18650 like a Samsung 20R or 25R, a Sony VTC5, or an Efest 35A.

Using a fresh 25R in a stock V6CS gets 3.7 amps at the tail. Same battery in the modded V6CS gets 5.0 amps.

Excelent flashlights, also had C20, T80 and V6CS, waiting for 7G5CS with collimator…

V6CS is a great light. They also have a new SD60 that looks nice also

I have sanyo laptop pulls. In the crelant v5cs it gets 3.1 at the tail. In my modded convoy s8 i get 3.74 and in my modded convoy c8 i get 4.2 at the tail so, i dont think its the batts. I think there maybe something else wrong.

Okay, just tried a couple of my blue top sanyo laptop pulls in my stock V6CS and got 3.2a with one and 3.4 amps with the other. Make sure the battery is freshly charged and then do a re-test. If you still get only 2.5amps at the tail then something is obviously different between your V6CS and my pure stock V6CS.

Ok, i have blue tops and green top sanyo. I also have a samsung icr18650 30a that is 4.35v that i charge up to 4.30v. I am charging it now and will retest.

Do you know if this driver has low voltage protection?

What mods did you do? Resistor, spring mods?

The stock driver is listed as having low voltage protection. I listed mods in post #5 above - basically everything possible with an XM-L2 LED.

I also swapped the stock driver for the BLF 17DD driver (you lose the side switch ability) and draw 6.4 amps at the tail with a samsung 25R.

Ok thanks max! I looked on crelants site and couldnt find in the specs where it says low voltage protection. I guess i will have to test that.

I retested with the samsung right off the charger and got 2.8 at the tail. I really like the side switch so i will probably stay with the stock driver, but at 6.4 amps i bet it throws pretty good.