Crushed ice ...Beat the heat

It's only like 700,000 degrees here ..

just thinkin out loud boaz

It only got up to 80 here.

I have bacon on the hood of my car ...

who doesn't like a nice BLT


..Oh look bacon scented air freshener

81 here.

Just looked at the weather and it says its 82. It's hotter here than in Hawaii. :)

84 here, sposed to hit 96 tomorrow. Thankfully I stocked up on beer today!

:love: :beer:

So I either go swimming at the beach or stay home and drink ice cold beer.

He-he.. 65-70F here.

Funny... we've had a fantastic spring, above average temps, and now we're having an absolutely miserable Memorial weekend. It's cold and rainy. However, we could use the precipitation so I'm not really complaining. We actually woke up to snow this morning and it was almost 90 degrees not that long ago.

Good reasons to start wars ..

1. Hot babes

2.Cool weather

3.Have new untested weapons

4. Nothing good on TV

If we didn't have the beginnings of tropical storm winds starting up ..

95 degrees is hot .

there is wind in ohio too.... thank god

My dog actually spoke ... she said

Windy as hell here last few days. High 20's with gusts up to 40 mph. Makes for some interesting bike rides.

98 here today and supposedly and 100 tomorrow. Not good weather for fishing hunks of rock-like substances out of liquid metal, but I’ll (probably) live.

Why exactly are you "fishing hunks of rock-like substances out of liquid metal"

I work in an aluminium smelter. 1600° + 100° = way too hot!

Looks like our heat problems don't even come close to yours there tec.

Just wanted to say: only 44F here :|

Summer is late...

Lucky. Someday I want to move further north where it will hopefully be a bit cooler.