CRX Brass KnuckleHead I

Cree XP-G2 S2 1A
DQG Driver
Magnetic tail
Twisty tail switch
High – 252 lm
Med – 50 lm
Low – 2 lm
Length – 36mm
Width – 24mm
Weight – 88 grams (With 14250 cell)Powered by a 14250 cell with XP-G2 1A emitter on an integrated PCB.
Three modes, always starts on low, this is a tail twisty mule light.
The tail has a magnetic momentary switch, it works as a normal twisty light but has the optional setting of automatically activating when stuck to a ferrous surface, switches off again when removed or placed on wood etc and can also be locked out to prevent this.


CRX Brass KnuckleHead II

CRX Brass KnuckleHead III

That’s nuts! :partying_face:

Nice mod. A sort of mini mini sibling of DBSAR’s contest plumbing light :slight_smile:



Yeah, I thought about that when I saw the fitting and had an idea :wink:

That is a totally unique design CRX. Amazing once again!

That’s so cool, love it.

If you ever made more (unlikely) my mate is a plumber and would looooooove one of these

This light resulted in a big smile on my face. Awesome work!

Thanks chaps, yeah I will be working with an old plumber I know next week to change a heating system, thought I would show it to him, probably will think I’m nuts too :laughing:

Funny, when I read “plumbers delight”, the first thing that came to my mind was the Fenix TK70… Old school…

Love it

Fantastic. Were you planning to make 3 spare heads?

Nice work :+1:

That’s pretty cool!

No, but I am thinking about a 14500 extension tail :wink:

All of your mods are awesome, and most go over my head with your skills. Although this one, in all its simplicity, is my favourite. Thanks for sharing. :beer:

Wooowwwww!! Great. :open_mouth:

This brings a huge smile to my face

A picture is worth a thousand words

Cheers David

I’m not sure if the lights nuts or the guy building it. Regardless this has all gone down the s bend.
Seriously though, speechless. Well done.