CRX GoRingu

CRX GoRingu Luxeon v2 5000K - Nanjg 105c-3A - 18350 - Rv Clicky Tail Sw - 826lm.

Hand made
Copper & Brass Construction
Luxeon v2 5000K emitter
20mm ARC glass
20mm Smooth reflector
GITD LED & switch surround
Nanjg 105c-3A 3 mode driver
Carbon fibre bezel insert
Magnetic tail
Threaded tailcap
Reverse clicky tail switch
Rubber switch boot with copper button cover

Max - 826lm
cd - 6800 - 165m throw
Modes - 5% - 30% - 100%
Length - 80mm
Width - 25mm
Weight - 117g

CRX GoRingu Runtimes.


Five rings indeed… :smiley:


Wow, that oxidised version looks amazing!

Aaaaand… now i’m singing christmas carols.

what a great concept/build. you must be really creative to come up with all these excellent ideas. Looking forward to seeing more going forward.

I love the oxidized colors. That would sell!

Nice finish :+1:

Awesome build! Small and compact 18350 light.

I’m really feeling thear oxidation looks aswell. Very nice work !!!