Curiosity of the day

Have you seen some weird flashlight related stuff?
Would you like to share?

Here’s the place to do it.

This could be fun… I run across head tilting ads/designs quite often. Sub’d for potential entertainment…

Maybe this classic thread

Reminds me of early TV remotes that used tone to change channels giggling my keys would change channels.


The disco ball reflectors always make me chuckle.

Is an old movie that I made years ago, so it’s not new, but it is curious

Yep, I’ve noticed my 2-meter ham radio will toggle motion sensor lights, flashlight drivers, and some car alarms.

I guess the internet never fails…

EDIT: Admittedly not flashlight related. But this was a product advertised in the bottom banner of BLF… So close enough

Antique Carbide Bicycle LAmp, Lantern, Space Age Rocket shaped, ETSY $253.00


Warm while LED for automotive headlights:

5700K is almost like a candle….