Current Brightest 18650 in overall ANSI

What is the Current Brightest single(or double)18650 in overall ANSI lumens?


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The problem is that many of lights that we deal with here have not been tested in accordance with the American National Standards Institute guidelines.

The ‘brightest’ ANSI rated light may not put out as many lumens as a light which has not gone through the process.

Some other information, such as the intended purpose for the light, may garner a better response.

As it stands, the question is a little ambiguous.

Yep there really is no real answer to this. Firstly the op has said one or two 18650. So first off there are two questions here, not one.

And it’s a bit like asking what is the highest horse power car that is SAE or DIN rated. Not something that is really all that useful or helpful to know.

I think it depends on your yardstick. Lol.

You can easily find a 2000 or 3000 lumen flashlight… All over eBay.

Chinese lumens though? Are a lot like “dog years”…

If you need it to be PRCTICAL that limits you a little… But on a MODDED light? Guys have made here lights that are ridiculously bright but for a short runtime.

Do a forum search on ” pocket rocket mod”….

The real problem, as I see it, are the jerks who would rather be smart a**es instead of helpful. If you fit that description, then yes I’m talking about you.

Fenix is pretty well known for ANSI testing their lights, you can look at the Fenix site and get a good idea what they offer in the highest ANSI lumens and the runtimes afforded these lights. There are other manufacturers that are beginning to use ANSI testing and the numbers are also more realistic than the over hyped Chinese lumens.

If you contact Calvin at you might find a wealth of lights that are ANSI rated and you might be surprised. Richard at can probably answer you better than I as well. Or point you in the right direction at the very least.

I have a lot of lights that exceed the majority of factory lights in total output, some by a large margin, but as has been stated this comes at the price of run time and as such makes the lights not all that practical. Tactical? Well, yeah! But like all things that’s debatable.

Most of the factory ANSI rated lights are on the pricey side, and as such are not big sellers with the people of this forum.

I don’t have the answer but what I do know is that any direct drive/FET light with a DTP copper board and a top bin Cree LED with a low resistance cell (IMR) is going to give you the brightest possible light in this form factor. If no factories are producing this, possibly because it is not the most practical setup, don’t fret as it is fairly inexpensive and not particularly difficult to mod practically any host in this form factor with the aforementioned parts.

This in the 5.8 amp selection would have to be the one.

I have one of the 4.4 amp versions and though you may have to wait until they are available again, it is worth waiting for.

That is not an ANSI FL1 rated light. Not even close.

That is not an ANSI FL1 rated light. Not even close.

True - but I suspect that the original poster has learnt enough, or soon will, to realise that lights with ANSI specifications aren't going to be the best/brightest. I believe that BLF members should be here to guide others.

I also think that his phrasing of the OP may have been imprecise, and that he is really asking about the brightest light, not just those from brand name manufacturers, or else why would he ask the question in a 'Budget' Light Forum and not in that place where they worship the brand names?

I have answered the question I believe he meant to ask.