Custom 7 X XML U2 7000 Lumen SR Thrower... with active cooling.

I had a downtime at work and bored outta my mind, so quickly drew something I want before this camping season.

Can someone build me one like this please?

And then build me one.

Reverse your airflow direction, intake at rear, exhaust at front, will hit the cooling fins better.

Me three!

Nice work and great idea with the cooling but be warned,a custom project like this will be cost prohibitive,I looked into it myself.Design fees for a reflector setup like this are almost unaffordable not to mention production costs.Drop an e-mail to phoenix electroformed products to get a better idea of what they charge.I am in no way trying to discourage you,just trying to inform you because I have hit brick walls with a few of my projects.Good luck.

Shouldn't the air flow be directed through the cooling fins rather than around them ?

Turn the fins 90 degrees ?

Thanks for the heads up. I just drew this for fun and there is no way i can afford to custom build something like this. Just dreaming.

You mean180 degrees? I will revise drawing later on.

No, he means 90 degrees. And from a thermal standpoint he's right - it's just more costly to manufacture a heat sink that way.

Rotate fins and turn around the airflow, or even make it suck small amounts from the back and large amounts from the front, and push it out the side.

Having cells actively heated up by LEDs' exhaust is a bad idea.

I love concept art that is open for improvements. :)


Make sense! Concept drw version #2 coming up tomorrow. Thanks guys

or 3D PDF



I am just teasing my mind with a 15 x XM-L or 8-10 x MT-G2 project driven at 3 A and enough for some serious lumens!
Have been thinking of heatpipe but ended with pure copper fins blowed cool bij a high pressure fan.
Concept is daily rotating in my mind.
Tested today a sall CPU cooler (for a P3 computer and was surprised that a 5 x 5 cm cooler with 4 cm long fins and a small fan where enough to push out 4000 lumens (no lenses attached) without getting warm at all!!

There’s hope! :slight_smile:

Good luck with your project, on advantage you have is you can draw something with autocad wich I can’t at all.