Custom light for my new lathe


I have a lathe protective screen (PAROLAI french firm) and it was running 2 old bulb 25W.
I had spare XHP70 and a 14V @5A PSU.

I also have a big aluminium diffuser but with 2 sides fins i needed to mill one face and get rif of these fins :

then use a big copper bar (1kg) and a small fan with knob to change the rpms and noise…

Ok at 7V (series XHP70 @14V) i don’t have any heat.

and picture of my “new” lathe :smiley:

Nice lathe you have :+1:

That copper bar is overkill
The alu heatsink with fan should be good enogh, the copper just adds mainly mass to slow heat up

Yeah Lexel haha
I have 3 of them
Big copper 101 bars… Not using them.
1kg. Oversized true.

Next custom light for the mill 4 xhp70. Same setup I could directly mill fins in the 1cm bar it should be more effective without alu heatsink

What can I say but wow. Love the shop. :beer:
By the way nice light as well. just dont let it fall on your foot. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks man
Shop is not very big but enough to install a mill (1500kg), a lathe (1350kg), a small CNC, a big drill with XY table and a small tig lincoln.

I’m currently disassembling the lathe and clean every parts and check for any broken parts. Then i’ll reassamble everything and put a protective screen + lightning

wow impressive!

I wish I could learn machining in such a shop…really nice, I envy you.