Custom Romisen RC-C6 / The Little Light That Could

Hello. Just sharing a light that I received from Everett, the builder of that incredible SRK mod! This is a Romisen RC-C6 host (zoom) with custom driver. It has an XML2-RGBW with each die running at 700mA. Must be used with 3.7V rechargeable cells, can be protected or unprotected. Forward clicky switch. Half-push the switch repeatedly to select a mode, fully click switch on the desired mode. Light defaults back to max white if left off for more than 3 seconds. Includes a low battery warning. This light has 26 modes! This is one FUN ‘little’ light!

pictures and video:

list of modes:

max white
low white (user-configurable brightness)
rgbw stunner strobe
slow color fade
fast color fade
stop on a color
all die on
all die on 1%
frustrator 2
safety strobe
demo mode
42Hz strobe
34Hz strobe
26Hz strobe
20Hz strobe
14Hz strobe
4Hz strobe
1Hz strobe
red safety flasher
flourish mode
———configuration modes:————————
set low level
set number of modes

(I got this in lieu of that AMAZING SRK) : Awesome SRK mod (Tterev3)

my apologies for the quality of the video, it does not do the amazing modes justice -



I think I saw a simon game mode in there.

That’s mad. And cool! :open_mouth:

What is the driver like?

Sweet. Is there a list somewhere here of the people who sell/do modded lights? I see some modded lights for sale go by once in a while but I’m always broke when I see one I like, such as that Nichia 219 WF-502B or whatever it was from a couple days ago. Or do most here just randomly sell them as one-time things?

Definition of disco modes :smiley:

That light is so cool! Nice host, amazing driver. I am still miles away from building my own version, I'm jealous!

I think I saw some preflash with a little too much PWM for my Taste! 0:)

I have to admit, that looks fun. Not sure about useful, but FUN!!! Wait….did I just say useful? Like needing 80 lights is useful! Finally a light my wife would think was cool. I NEED one! 8)

Say, Pat, where can one obtain said light if possible??

Thanks for the post & video.

The driver is a double current version of my custom rgbw linear driver:

Full writeup on the light is here