Cutting edge mobile phone w/ Android & Ubuntu

Ubuntu Edge mobile phone being funded on Indiegogo.
Described as the Formula 1 for mobile industry.

Supposed to contain the latest and greatest in tech.
Priced at $600 for now.
Funding started today and already reaching $2 million.

Any interest?

Its only $600 preorder today then is over $800

Should have 4GB RAM, 128GB storage, sapphire crystal display… they are going all out on this one.

EDIT: Ugh, didn’t realize the $600 pre-order was for today only.

I didn’t see a link in the OP. Ubuntu Edge

In 12 hours it has raised over $2.5 million from over 5000 people. Shattering crowdfunding records.

Hookup any HDMI monitor or TV. Be great with a HDMI Motorola Lapdock. People have paired a RaspberryPi with a Lapdock but the Ubuntu Edge will have the specs to really create a full laptop.
Silicon-anode Li-Ion battery. :bigsmile:

$3 million now. Go Edge!

So has anyone bought one yet? I'm seriously considering, the specs are amazing and I love the dualboot (that way I get to use Android for apps, and Ubuntu for everything else).

If I had the spare funds I would easily go for it.

@scaru If you want to get in on the $600 level you need to get it now! Only 70 left. Going fast…
33 11 left.
Gone. Oversold by 12 25 32 actually!

Did you even have time to consider it scaru?

A phone that can switch from Ubuntu OS to Android and vice versa, now that’s something!

Curious as to how the momentum will be now that it is $830 (up from $600)

So regarding this new battery technology, when googling “silicon-anode li-ion” I found some great info but couldn’t find any device that already uses it.

Is this the first device to use it?

It is supposed to allow for greater energy storage and greater battery life between charges.
One article mentioned that silicon anodes have 10 times higher specific capacity than traditional carbon anodes.

It looks like a Motorola. :Sp

Less than 2 weeks left and the momentum has slowed down a lot, they still need over 20 million dollars.

Price of phone has dropped from $830 to $695.
Very ambitious phone, why did they have to give it such a high funding $$goal?

I still hope it comes to fruition.