Cyansky Orgins? BLFer Company?

When researching SFT40 Leds today. I came across a Factory light, other than Convoy, using the SFT40 Led.

This light is the Cyansky K3, does anyone here know the Orgins of this Company?

Here is where all of Convoy’s SFT leds went…

Humm, Cyansky does seem to be a smaller company.

I have know idea weather they started off building from the BLF platform.

Maybe a long-term member would Know?

Cyansky is a Chinese flashlight maker. They are not a BLF collaborator, but make very nice lights, and yes, they are the first to put a Sft-40 in a mass produced light (K3). I reviewed that one and it’s a great semi-tactical thrower. is the ecommerce for the company if you wamt to buy them.

They might be a collaborater now!! Cyansky just made an account! Nice

I’d love to know more about Cyansky, maybe now that they have an account on BLF they could tell us more about them, I’ve been trying for some time to contact some brands to tell their history and give us some idea of how they work and build their lights, but it seems most of them do not want to or just don’t care