D cell NiMH

+1, that is where I bought my Tenergy C and D cells from. Very happy with my batteries.

Im not sure whether that stock was sold out or not, I dont remember in which thread, but there was recent discussion about it.

Umm from reading websites, Powerex & Tenergy are pretty high up there. I think one is rated 12,000 mah and 11,000. Not sure if those are chinese mah or not.

Go here to have a look at battery test results. The Tenergy batteries all do REALLY well in comparison to the others, especially with C and D cells. Honestly, I haven’t heard of anyone who’s actually had Tenergy batteries having a problem with them. And I would certainly use them over a more expensive and lower performing setup with AA batteries in adaptors. Not to mention that charging 24-36 AAs is MUCH more of a pain in the butt than 12 Ds!

Im not saying that all Tenergy batteries ar crap, but some have had bad batteries:


Make sure you ask seller since when he has those batteries that your willing to buy and whats the source of those batteries ;)!

Better safe than sorry, right :D?

My amazon purchase of Tenergy D prems are crap. I’d rate them as the ‘ultrafire’ of american brands.

After a lot of searching I think these are as good as it gets

Kogan 10Ah 4 cells at A$39 shipped (domestic) with 1 year warranty (have you ever heard of NiMH battery warranty?)
(Kogan is a well known web retailer in Australia)

Annsman 10Ah 4 cells at $42 shipped (domestic)
Datasheet looks very legit http://australia.rs-online.com/web/p/d-rechargeable-batteries/6199825/
There’s even a conformity statement http://australia.rs-online.com/web/p/d-rechargeable-batteries/6199825/

So which one? You decide, I buy :bigsmile: