D1S with D4v2 magnet lanyard tail cap? Would this work?

Has the threads for the D4v2 ever changed? I’m thinking of asking Hank if I can order a custom engraved D4v2 magnet lanyard tail cap to use on my D1S

Would this work?

It works with the D4v2 black tailcap that has a lanyard attachment not too new but not too old either.
But keep in mind it can only suppor the light hanging down vertically (like a downlight). Horizontally the light is too heavy in the front end so it breaks the contact, drops down.

Thanks, might as well save some money and not order one with a magnet.

Just so there is no misunderstanding for anyone who reads.
D4v2 works very well with the magnet.
D1S is way too big in the head for that D4v2 magnet I am saying. It still holds it vertically no problem, but horizontally just fall down.

Can confirm that d4v2 works fine with magnetic tailcap. The only limiting factor is the surface it holds to.

Just by looking one can tell the small magnet cannot hold the D1S horizontally.
I also saw a lot of confusion between D1S and D1 online so maybe the picture will help some.

D1S does not make a good working light when it has a narrow hotspot to actually want to attach a magnetic tailcap.

Do you think I can remove the printing on the D4v2 tail cap? I am asking Hank if he can sell me one without printing. If not, I’m wondering if I could remove it when it arrives.

I don’t know about that, I have not tried to remove laser etchings from flashlights.