D4 and D4S Specifications on Intl-Outdoor Website

On the Intl-Outdoor website, there is a spec table listing both output (lumens) and intensity (candela) for the various emitter options for the Emisar D4S. For the D4 there is a similar table, but the intensity data is omitted.

Is the missing information available from another source? In particular, I’m looking for data to quantify the throw improvement to be expected with SST-20 vs XM-L Hi emitters under the D4 optic, which presumably might differ from the improvement seen in the D4S.

I’m thinking of buying another D4 with SST-20 emitters.

I have the same question

Highest lumen: XP-L HD. Most efficient and flood, but has the worst tint shift.

Best compromise between lumen and throw, and tint: XP-L HI

Absolute highest throw: SST-20 5000k/6500k. Best throw for usability outside.

Absolute best color rendition: SST-20 4000k 95CRI/3000k 95CRI. Best color rendition out of all the LEDs.

High color rendition and high CCT: Nichia 219C 90CRI 5000k.

Did you mean to write something else?


I had the same question …

The 4000k SST20s are super nice tint i built a triple S2+ with them.