D4K triple channel version will be available soon.

Sorry for reacting lately to this post (to which ToyKeeper answered in post #1895), but I have just received my very first Anduril flashlight (an Emisar D4v2 with E21A). I found out the same behaviour, but in fact the LEDs do light up again after going off, after 15 seconds (if the light is still cold) to 30 seconds (if the light is very hot).

Moreover, this doesn't only happen when going directly from Turbo to Low, but also when ramping down from a "medium" level to Low, although the delay is much shorter in this case (a couple of seconds).The delay between the LEDs going off and relight seems to be both #1 temperature and #2 initial brightness, dependent. The brighter and/or hotter the light, the longer the delay to "reactivate" the LEDs at low level.

Man, I love my KR4 2000K, Hank! I have four 18350’s that I cycle through because I have it on for hours a day… definitely my favorite

What’s the deal . No more trit installation ???

It’s because the trit is out of stock, maybe due to the pandemic in Swissland where the trit is produced.

New clip.
It does work with KR4 TI 18350 version, but it does not work with the 18350 aluminum version of KR4.

I love this design and how bend radius is following tube curve. Is it possible to order just the clip?

And why it’s not working with alu version? It would look great on KR1...

I think Hank is only saying it does not work with aluminum KR4 if you are using the 18350 tube. It is compatible with the 18650 tube.

It is also compatible with KR1 with the 18650 tube.

I like the new clip a lot. I would like to buy a couple of them for my older KR4 flashlights with my next order. Will you sell it separately as a component?

The radius bend of the clip to follow the body line looks great! Great work Hank!

I must say that small lip on pocket entry section could be a tad longer. Not huge like on original clip but a little bit more.

Now it reminds me of tiny Lumintop clips which are not bad but this tiny part can tore fabric if you don’t use fingernail to lift the clip a bit.
Or it’s just photo not giving right impression... i hope

I think the perfect “bent end” of any clip i have is on the d4v2, it is perfect size to grab with finger nail if needed to lift over pocket, but also slides into pocket well most times.

The new clip is ready for purchasing,

Looks perfect to me! :+1:

Guess I’ll have to wait to buy a light no free shipping for just the clips.

I was going to wait for new light as well, but instead ordered the $30 or so in parts I hd been putting off for 6 weeks in anticipation for this clip ! Can’t wait! I already broke my original bending it into deep carry myself

So that won’t work with the 18350 tube? Agreed - I’d buy a second light with 2 Of these clips if it worked with the 18350. Obviously the batteries don’t last as long but man it is so sweet with it being this small

It does work with the 18350 tube if you buy KR4 Ti.

Hank - does the new clip work with KR1 and aluminum KR4 if we buy the titanium 18350 tube instead of the aluminum 18350 tube?

KR4 does work, but KR1 does not work since the head is too big.

Would the clip work with the D4v2? I know you would need a wire or something to maintain contact in the tail, but can it fit on a D4v2?

I just saw that the D4SV2 is no longer for sale. Does this mean that a D4SV2 with 21700 battery will be available soon?